Monday, September 14, 2020

A glimpse of what the new spiral of evolution looks like...

My friend Dervin Frank first alerted me to the 528 Hz phenomenon recently. I was already aware that there's a growing 432 Hz movement to liberate humanity from the 440 Hz trap the Rockefeller family got us into starting from 1926 - but now I find there has been a great deal of independent research into cymatics (the study of waveforms, and sound is all about waveforms). Resensitizing ourselves to sound waves and their effects on our cellular consciousness is a powerful key to freedom from New World Order mind control!

Charles Gilchrist's passion for sacred geometry is infectious. I haven't found a better introduction to this profound subject so far...

Information of this nature was once classified top secret - and was only revealed to high initiates of mystery schools. Today anyone can access it on YouTube - if they either chance upon it (like I did) or are given a heads up (that's why I'm blogging this material!)

It's so simple the mind boggles. The mystery of Creation itself... revealed in how a single point of Consciousness creates energy, motion and spacetime by dividing itself into two polarities, yin and yang... and then becomes multidimensional... by using the universal principles of pi, phi and the Fibonacci Sequence!

For Use with HEADPHONES! (A Theta/Isochronic and binaural entrainment audio program).

This video/audio file was formulated especially for those of you who are having a bad day. Having 10,000 thoughts exploding in your head all at once right now?

No Problem.

Put on a pair of GOOD headphones. Turn out the lights. Click on the Full Screen option and sit back and listen and watch.

I guarantee that after 20 Mins you will FEEL better.

Pictures are REAL GENUINE Unidentified Flying Phenomenon (Photos authenticated by Elvis and Bigfoot).


[First posted 17 September 2011]