Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Abrahamic Agenda (revisited yet again)

Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son to appease Yahweh.

I have pondered long on the history of the Abrahamic Agenda on Earth.... how one human being implanted with receptors to receive commands from a different dimension was able to spawn three major belief systems that have had such contradictory consequences (inspiring both great art and miracles as well as endless conflict, ecocide and genocide).

In the 15th Century CE, the Roman Catholic Church was at its most hideous and malignant - actively ferreting out "deviants" and "heretics" and arraigning them before the bloodthirsty Inquisition (actually an ancient cabal of "priests" who were secret practitioners of human sacrifice and energy vampirism). The cruelest tortures were inflicted on those whose property was coveted by these perverse agents of the Roman Church - and after a mock trial, hundreds of thousands (if not millions) were burnt at the stake, drowned as witches, or left to rot in foul dungeons.

Well, ironically, the current era happens to be Islam's 15th Century... and we witness the same bunch of power-hungry fiends preying on humanity by pretending piety. Today, the pervert priesthood is mostly found in decadent regimes like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and Malaysia and whether they call themselves ulama, ustaz or ayatollah, they seem addicted to the psychological stranglehold they wield over unquestioning believers.

Like their Roman Catholic predecessors and counterparts, these psychic predators trade mainly in fear (of hell) and guilt (usually sexual). I'm sure the majority of so-called Christians were decent human beings capable of reason and common sense - and yet, why were they afraid to speak out against the diabolical Inquisition? Why did they not revolt against the clergy? Simply because the clergy had convinced the masses that they (the priestly caste) represented God's Will on Earth - that's what is claimed by the Pope, hence the regality and splendor of his professional raments.

The same applies to the so-called Muslims in Malaysia. I have absolutely no doubt that the vast majority of Malaysian Muslims are completely reasonable and even compassionate human beings - yet why do they keep quiet and allow a few self-appointed "religious" fanatics to inflict the cruelest, most barbaric forms of punishment and mind-control on the ummah?

Ultimately, these issues have little to do with spiritual experience or religious practice - they are essentially political black ops designed to keep the masses constantly in a state of anxiety, self-doubt and moral cowardice. Imagine if a cabal of ulama were to decree that anyone caught masturbating would have his or her genitals surgically removed - would the ordinary mosque-going Muslim burst out in whoops of uncontrollable laughter and tell these crazy ulama to get a life or eff off? Or would they react by keeping a deadly silence and lowering their eyes, hoping nobody would single them out for questioning?

Meanwhile, truly outrageous crimes committed by the ruling elite pass unchallenged, uninvestigated and unprosecuted...

This is precisely the strategy UMNO is using in their desperate attempts to thwart Anwar Ibrahim's political destiny. Little do they realize, in so doing, they are only strengthening Anwar's mythic status as a folk hero - in the tradition of erstwhile messianic figures like Moses, Yeshua (Jesus) and Muhammad.

I have no vested interest in any particular belief system - whatever resonates within my cellular consciousness as "true" I will accept as inner guidance, inner teaching (intuition)... and having observed the power of semantics and semiotics on the mass psyche, I can only conclude that all humanity would be far more integrated and harmonious were it not for the divisive effect of religious dogma.

[First posted 15 October 2011. Reposted 13 December 2014, 12 April 2015 & 13 October 2016]


UP41 said...

Hi there, I found yr blog via yr comments on masterwordsmith blog. Yr blog is interesting and I bet many will think you are at the edge. I do not think so.

Your blog reminded me of One learned friend who told me the "food" for the desert god/gods are mostly the negative emotions of our human race : fear/hatred/greed - thus the never ending wars in that region. I use to laugh at his comments but now I think he is right.

Starmandala said...

Thank you very much, UP41. Better late than never! :)

masterymistery said...

I read some nonsense somewhere about Abraham being a (less-than-perfect) anagram of Brahma --- a truly sacriligeous thought if ever there was one!

Starmandala said...

Sacrilegious? That's a quaint expression, masterymistery! The only "sacrilege" is choosing to genuflect before fictional deities instead of honoring the divine intelligence shining from the eyes of every living being... & if you encounter an eyeless entity, don't worry, it's probably still struggling to pass the primordial stage of existence & has yet to develop individuality at all. Yes, I've also noticed that Abraham & Brahma share the same root vibrations. For some reason I have never felt drawn to the frequency of Brahma, whom i equate with Yahweh. In effect, a localized manifestation of Divine Authority circumscribed by its own immature comprehension of what lies beyond its own Ego cocoon. Have you heard the expression, Brahma's Egg? The ancients used that to describe the Matter Universe trapped in illusion.

haha said...

Hello Antares. Saya tertarik dengan tulisan-tulisan dan pemikiran antares. Turut menarik perhatian saya, ialah ilham antares, Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary. Sukar untuk jumpa orang Malaysia yang kenal dua watak ini. Bagaimana saya boleh berhubung dengan lebih lanjut? Mungkin bertemu dan dapat berbual, berborak lebih lagi.