Thursday, November 4, 2021

Let's celebrate the end of Kali yuga and artificial clocktime! (reprise)

Deepavali marks the end of artificial clocktime: the Mayan calendar ended on 28 October 2011 - and as linear time concludes its run, so too will the silly notion that Time is Money which has kept humanity on an endless treadmill for countless generations.

The irreversible collapse of the grandiose ponzi scheme that forms the foundation of private banking is among the unmistakable signs that artificial clocktime is indeed winding down and grinding to an abrupt halt. What went wrong?... some ask... well, it was dishonest science in the service of inflamed and inflated egos that led us down the primrose path to ecocide, genocide, and oblivion - just to enrich a privileged elite of spoilt brats.

For nearly 13,000 years - since the end of the last glacial period - humanity has been subjugated to the testosterone-driven will of warlords, each dreaming of conquering, colonizing and dominating the world. The voices of sages, poets and visionaries were drowned by the ceaseless din of battle. Whenever the dust of armed conflict settled for a spell, the clamor of the marketplace took over.

Bloodthirsty Moloch, to whom children had to be sacrificed (in the name of patriotism)...
Humanity has blindly worshiped the false gods, Moloch and Mammon (Power and Wealth), under the guise of a plethora of seemingly benign deities. What's so wrong with power and wealth?... you might ask... well, the answer is simple: if power to you means confidence, competence and self-mastery, that's perfectly good and admirable - but if it means hijacking the destinies of others, subjecting them to your personal agenda, that's despotism and tyranny, and that's a no-no.

Abundance is a very humble reality that ensures your posterity will flourish.
Similarly, if wealth means feeling abundant, a sense of well-being and radiant health, nothing at all wrong with that - however, if it involves exploiting and enslaving others in order that you can accumulate a ridiculous stockpile of useless paper currency or shiny stones with which to con people into parting with their precious time and priceless ancestral lands, then you're really just a shyster - and deserve to be tarred and feathered and hounded out of town, not offered titles. It's really as simple as that. You don't need a PhD in Economics, Philosophy or Political Science to figure this out.

This Deepavali, the light of understanding will finally dawn in the collective mind of humanity. They have been worshiping false gods, misled by corrupt priests, and bowing before false kings. 

The only true god is the one that dwells at the heart of every single atom in every cell of our beings. And the only true king is the Atman or Transcendent Self enthroned as the greatest nobility, compassion and wisdom of which each of us is capable.


[First posted 25 October 2011, reposted 2 January 2020]