Friday, October 28, 2011


27 October 2011 update from Keith Olbermann. Do we really need police? The REAL criminals are who they actually serve! Once we identify the REAL criminals - the rogue regimes, the buccaneer's clubs, corporate scammers, there won't be much reason to commit petty crimes like theft, robbery, and rape.

The police force in Malaysia - can it be overhauled and reformed? Maybe it's time we begin to imagine a world without police, without courts, without crooked judges, hypocritical money-grubbing ministers, without armies, without external government? Why not? No dream is too big for a free humanity!

Occupy Washington, D.C.
Occupy Wall Street, Zuccotti Park, New York
Occupying Los Angeles in style
Occupy Boston
Occupy Hong Kong
Library tent at Occupy Los Angeles
Quoting Jimi Hendrix at Occupy L.A.
In front of City Hall at Occupy Los Angeles
Julian Assange addresses the crowd at Occupy London
Arrested at Occupy London
Outside St Paul's Cathedral at Occupy London
Jesus shows up at Occupy London

Occupy Sydney
Occupy Madrid
Occupy Manila
Occupy Minneapolis
Another arrest at Occupy Wall Street
Butterfly beauty at Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street began 17 September 2011, still going strong
The Establishment strolls past Occupy Wall Street
People's assembly at Zuccotti Park
Voting on drugs and alcohol in Zuccotti Park
Occupy Oakland
Occupy Philadelphia
Occupy Rome
What it's mostly all about...