Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The decent face of Malaysia: dedicated to those who walked for freedom yesterday

Representing the First Peoples of Peninsular Malaysia
S.Arutchelvan, secretary-general of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (left)
A truly motley and muhibbah gathering!
The Bearded Ones marching for democracy
Author/actor/playwright Kee Thuan Chye (left) chats with Anura
My first close encounter with architect/social commentator Clifford Tan
Members of the Bar Council rose valiantly to the occasion
Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee addresses the spirited gathering
Note the unsmiling goon in blue standing directly behind him...
Big round of applause for all who showed up
Lim Lip Eng, MP for Segambut with his colleagues
The gentleman and scholar who bought us coffee at the Lake Club
Lily Fu (mother of my daughters) blogs at SeniorsAloud
Media crew recording the event (so their editors can produce a negative spin)
How will NTV7 and TV3 use this footage?
The Walk for Freedom to Walk begins just before 12:30PM
My old friend, Ambiga, who has become a national icon of democracy
This way to Parliament... but the road is blocked by riot police!
Afiq, don't waste your life serving a bunch of arrogant crooks!
"Okay, dear, I'll stop by for some milk later, I'm in the middle of an illegal procession!"
"Right... should be over soon... meet you at Pizza Hut"
Putri & Khabs make a sexy legal team
Painter/poet Rahmat Haron has lost a lot of weight but at least his hair is still big
Bernard & Sega: Honk honk honk honk (if you're feeling horny)
Pasir Gudang, that's Khaled Nordin,... duh... don't expect much from this big zero
The Khalsa Kontingent was very much present
Umbrella of Shame: nope, it won't protect Najib from the approaching storm...
A million memories were snapped on 29 November 2011

Decency is beautiful!

 Just try and suppress such youthful vitality and idealism...

Hmmm... who's the dude with the cool blue shades?

 The Save Malaysia Stop Lynas group came all the way from Kuantan

 Dignity walks hand in hand with decency

 A new breed of legal eagles who believe in rule of law

Elizabeth Wong looked resplendent in PKR blue

 The Walk for Freedom to Walk had many touches of glamor

 The venerable Haris Ibrahim stands out in every crowd

 Hisham Rais posing with a fan

 Jasmine & Danny: true Malaysian patriots

Yellow shirt, yellow tie, yellow wristwatch, yellow underpants too?
An evocative whiff of the Arab Spring?

Walking alone is good for the body; walking with thousands, good for the soul
Tian Chua is all smiles: he cut his political teeth on street protests
Tony Pua is on the A-list of admirable and lovable MPs
Every bit of shade is precious on a day this hot
This group of bogus Yellow Shirts was planted to blur the issues.
TV3 subsequently aired footage of them bearing a banner proclaiming LGBT 2.0 
and the Seksualiti Merdeka logo. How low can you go, Umno?

 "My son is a lawyer; I came to support him!"

How about some music and dancing too?
Thumbs up for a truly energizing and uplifting show of solidarity

[Photos by Antares]