Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Fall of the Berlin Wall, 9 November 1989

ON 9 NOVEMBER 1989 the Berlin Wall was dismantled. A different kind of barrier was breached for Mary Maguire and myself on that unforgettable day. We broke through to the spirit realms in our waking state.

For weeks we were on an incredible buzz. It seemed as if the entire paradigm of reality had shifted - well, it definitely did, for us. When I had calmed down a little I reconstructed what had transpired into a short story - well, not THAT short, it had to be split into two parts - fictionalizing a few minor details and compressing the sequence of events to make it work as a linear narrative.

The Poet and The Pendulum was selected for the Skoob Esoterica Anthology (Vol. II) scheduled for release in 1997. Apparently the completed book was already at the printer's. Unfortunately, the editor died and the publisher went broke and that was the end of it.

I recently unearthed the original typewritten foolscap MS from my rusty filing cabinet and decided to scan all 20 pages of it for publication online. Very few have been shown this story because the proceedings were simply too weird for mass consumption. But now that we've moved fully into the Photon Band (a belt of highly-charged light particles), nothing needs to be "classified" any longer.

In 1990 Mary and I assembled our notes into a collection of spontaneous writings called The Muse Who Came To Tea. After unsuccessfully attempting to interest mainstream publishers in the project, the manuscript was left to gather dust. I now recognize that the problem with this material is that it's too way-out for the Hardheads - and not airy-fairy enough for the Softheads!

Is there a book market for Heads that are neither hard nor soft? But let's hope that in the New Millennium the Vatican will voluntarily disclose the third Fatima Prophecy and open up its secret vaults. Then perhaps we won't need to publish any more books because the Vatican, along with other modern incarnations of the Amen priesthood, will self-destruct or self-transform!



UP41 said...

Dear Antares, U are the 2nd person who told me that the Dr behavior is similar,if not identical, to an ancient figure in Egypt. He guessed the present he might be reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian. Interesting interesting!!

Antares said...

@UP41 - Really? Now I'm curious who the first person was! Why do you suppose Mahathir ordered an obelisk to be installed just outside his office window in Putrajaya? And how come he wanted hippos swimming in his artificial lake? :-)

UP41 said...

Oh I must visit PJ one day; I don't know beside Washington, Vatican , London there is one obelisk here too.