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2,000 attend a piñata party at Taman Gelora, Pahang, on 13 November 2011...

Expressing anger at the destructivity of Lynas brings out the creativity in Malaysians!
Guardians of the piñatas...   
Getting ready to lynch the Lynas gremlins...
Section of the large crowd at the early morning event.
A total of 26 colorful  piñatas were designed and constructed by volunteers.
Although piñata bashing is popular in Mexico, the ritual actually originated in China. 
It's supposed to banish the demons of ill fortune and bring good luck to the community.
As usual the men-in-blue were instructed to do everything possible to deter people from venting
their frustration and determination to stop this hideous project that benefits nobody except
Lynas and a handful of UMNO warlords. They ought to be ashamed of themselves - serving
the big-time crooks and intimidating decent citizens!
Aerobics session in the fresh morning air...
A local resident braves police harassment to express her disgust.
Section of the multiracial crowd courageously voicing their disapproval
of the dirty business deal between BN and Lynas. They are determined to keep
up the protest until the environmentally ruinous project is halted.
The people of Kuantan cherish their beautiful beaches and laidback lifestyle.
They're ready to battle any villainous corporation and corrupt regime 

through non-violent means...
A whole new generation of awakened activists is born - no thanks to Lynas!

[Photos courtesy of SAVE MALAYSIA STOP LYNAS]


HETCHESS said...

To see these people who have made a stand is admirable. To come out and show this stand is indeed inspiring. I am moved by this. Also constantly remind myself that the world recognised that if there were anyone who could contain any disastrous eventuality it'd be the Japanese.We are nowhere near their calibre. Retard mongrels with a superiority complex who couldnt operate a kedai runcit without perpectual handouts yet keep failing miserably have no business to impose this on the rakyat and must be stopped at all cost.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like 2,000 people to me. Do you have more pixs that you can share of the crowd?

It's a good step, anyway! No one should be made to live next to a radioactive dump imported from Australia ... should get Adnan to live there, though.

Starmandala said...

@HETCHESS - The same situation has happened in China where huge tracts of land have been despoiled by rare earth processing plants. Because of their fixation on Gross Domestic Product and industrialization, the Chinese Communist Party is every bit as stupid, corrupt and cruel as UMNO - so let's not make ourselves believe this sort of bad behavior is a racial issue. It's not a problem of race or religion - it's a problem of benighted leadership. Where the masses have been hypnotized for generations to be docile and obedient to external authority, conditions are ripe for a small group of aggressive and ambitious egos to take charge and mess up big time. It has happened in America, in Europe, in Japan - everywhere the false gods Mammon (Economic Influence) and Moloch (Political Power) prevail. The only way out of this mess is for each of us to take our noses off the grindstone for a while and view the world transpersonally - so we can align what's best for ourselves with what's best for the whole biosphere.

Anonymous @ 1:08PM - Whether there were 2,000, 200 or 20,000 it's only a question of numbers. Most folks would not want to get up early and brave the police gauntlet to participate in such a protest - so the fact that SMSL can even get more than 1,000 people of all ages is already a miracle! It's pointless to wait till AFTER a catastrophe occurs to make noise about nuclear power and rare earth processing. Forget what the acdemics and experts are paid to tell us - that "progress" is good, that we need more energy, we can't do without these radioactive substances. Remember, Shakespeare wrote all his immortal plays using a goose quill. How many people can produce even one sonnet with their RM8,000 iMacs? I'm not against technology, per se, just against promoting pollution and toxicity. If a particular product causes severely negative effects, then we either find an alternative method - or cancel production. It's just plain greed that makes industrialists continue to manufacture and market fancy gizmos that ultimately do more harm than good.

HETCHESS said...

Your response is certainly sobering.I am well aware of the mess ups in China,the US Europe as you mention am also reminded of the union carbide disaster in India.Its the stupidity that I cannot stomach Read Zorro unmasked on his latest post on what the MB says. Thats racial for you and clear as daylight stupidity in my books.

nasir said...

Lynas should require all Pahang BN ADUNs and MPs to live in the radioactive area before the project goes active.

Anonymous said...

MCA got anything to say?
How about Ti lian Ker- why so quiet now.
Dare to diao the MB???

kacang sempalit

flyer168 said...

2,000 attend a piñata party at Taman Gelora, Pahang, on 13 November 2011..."

Antares, Bravo to the organisers & participants on the "genocidal" issue that will affect them.

Just to share this...

Mamat Mat Salleh yang benci Lynas dan sayang Malaysia – YouTube -

Thorium: Rare Earth Liability or Asset? - Commodities & Futures -

However, if a meltdown were to occur, all planned future nuclear power facilities would be jeopardized.

If thorium takes off as a nuclear fuel, rare earth mining companies would be smart to start stockpiling it instead of looking for ways to safely dispose of the material.

*ALERT**STUXNET VIRUS* Fukushima's Nuclear Plant Destroyed by Israeli Security Company Magna BSP – YouTube -

*ALERT* New Revelations Regarding STUXNET! Part 2 – YouTube -

ReportOnRareEarthElements.pdf (application/pdf Object) -

Increased demand coupled with limited exports caused dramatic price increases of individual rare earth element oxides over the past two years.

In July 2010, neodymium oxide cost $108 U.S. dollars per kilogram, but a year later in July 2011 the same neodymium oxide was selling for "$245 U.S. dollars per kilogram."

This represents a 226% price increase in one year. Similarly, the price of dysprosium oxide increased 200% in one year with “one kilogram of dysprosium oxide now costing $1,200 U.S. dollars (”.

These price trends can be observed with nearly all rare earth elements and prices are not expected to go down in the near future."

"Who are the real beneficiaries of the RM8 billion a year income — the state government, Lynas Australia, the federal government, Lynas (M) Sdn Bhd?"

Siapa yang Pandai...Lynas Australia & the Lynas (M) Sdn Bhd

Siapa yang Bodoh...the federal government, the state government

Siapa yang jadi "Mangsa"...generations of our children to come, as well as the expanding population that has to work, live and perhaps die in the vicinity of the proposed plant....further on into the neighbouring state of Terengganu.

Obviously "Some people" have taken the carrot ($$$) upfront & the truth cannot be revealed?

So the "Charade" has to be carried out...

You be the judge.