Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Watch THRIVE for free... two hours well spent!

Foster Gamble strikes me as a genuinely inspired, brilliant and sincere soul who just happens to be born into an economically privileged family. Already there is swirling controversy around the fact free access to THRIVE has been denied the masses - but, thanks to YouTube, there are lots of people uploading the documentary either in full or in 10-minute segments faster than they can get taken down. So it appears that even those who can't afford or are unwilling to pay will have ample opportunity to view this significant film.

[Note: this full version was uploaded on 5 April 2012 to grant everybody access, with an appeal to donate to the Thrive Movement if you feel so prompted.]

After watching it a couple of times, I'm inclined to be supportive of Foster Gamble's effort to alert humanity to exciting options available to us that could transform our present earthly hell into a practical paradise. Foster undoubtedly put a great deal of thought and effort into this project - and I respect and admire the narrative clarity and technical excellence he achieved. I'm not going to see evil where none exists and nurse any suspicions that this is just another ruling elite disinformation device to hijack the destiny of Planet Earth. Folks who see "the hand of Lucifer" behind everything usually turn out to be fanatical Christian fundamentalists - and this bunch of rabid ravers have the effect of making me sympathize with the Illuminati.

Foster's links to the House of Gamble (of Proctor & Gamble infamy) makes him automatically a member of the ruling elite - but the fact that he readily admits it suggests that he sees himself as a 21st century corporate Siddhartha. True, he glosses over a lot of shady business that P&G have been involved with - but I choose to look for the good in others, even those born into the worst capitalist families (like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Morgans). Indeed, there are times I'm inclined to believe that the scions of these powerful bloodlines bear the ultimate responsibility for redeeming their hereditary karma - and they can only do so by breaking free of past patterns and becoming enlightened themselves. Once truly illuminated, they are obviously the ones with enough financial and political clout to effect genuine change on this planet.

Enough said! Please watch THRIVE and then donate whatever you can and pass the link around...


Unknown said...

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Mary Maguire said...

Thanks for sharing. Just a pity that this movie is not available to all for free, kinda seems to be working against it's own core principle.

Starmandala said...

@MM - It's a hairy issue, the question of "copyright" and "intellectual property." Many years ago when I had adolescent dreams of getting rich and famous like my artistic icons, I would have been against piracy on the grounds that it deprives artists of just monetary rewards for work well done. However, after observing the power of Hollywood hype whereby certain artefacts become global commodities and earn publishers and distributors billions - while loads of equally significant and excellent work simply sinks into obscurity - I began to see the "free market" as not at all free. The playing field is rigged in favor of the capitalist elite, i.e., those already rich find it so much easier to get even richer. Once in a while, something like American Idol comes along and allows a handful to make "the big time" - but all of this only serves to perpetuate the illusion of individual artistic "success" over genuine service to the upliftment of human consciousness. Today, I feel we have to have outgrow limiting beliefs like "intellectual property" which allow corporations like Monsanto to try and patent even Mother Nature's gifts - seeds, plant species, herbal remedies, etc - which seems to me outrageously greedy if not outright evil. It's time humanity re-envision itself as one organic entity wherein the benefits of each breakthrough can be be enjoyed by all. The primitive concept of having to "earn a living" must swiftly become history.

Even as Foster Gamble makes references to inventive geniuses like Nikola Tesla whose "energy tower" project could have liberated humanity from corporate control, he seems to be programmed to behave like J.P. Morgan, forcing YouTube to take down channels that "infringe his copyright." I find this utterly detestable and am now wholeheartedly on the side of the pirates!

Starmandala said...

Well, there was a 30-day window for us to watch THRIVE without having to fork out $5 - now it appears to be closed.

Personally, I disapprove of the concept of "private property" - I believe this impulse to accumulate and amass energy is atavistic, and it is precisely this program that has got us trapped inside the 3D Matrix.

Clear Compass Media has been diligent in getting YouTube to remove every full-length version of THRIVE within days or even hours of its being uploaded. The hard-headed business sense underlying such a move reveals more about their hidden agenda than any negative comment on the whole project.

Elites will always find ways to remain elite! However, they are extremely clever and resourceful and deserve a second chance to awaken from their money-grubbing trance...

Anonymous said...

Funny story... did you know that when the first settlers came to America they believed in Solidarity and complete sharing of resources. Everyone gets the same share of crop. In this scenario, almost 80% of those first settlers almost died due to greed and lack of motivation, we may dub this the "someone else will take care of it, and i will still get mine" syndrome. This is what happens without private property. Private property allows us to have incentive to take care of what we possess.

Although we may never truly "own" anything, taking away our basic Source/Universe given rights of Private Property will surely spin us down the "3d matrix" rabbit hole. I believe in truth and the connection that all humans share. We all want to thrive, but eliminating our rights seems counter intuitive. remember, no one can GIVE you rights; therefore, no one can TAKE them from you. Hence, we have the rule of Law. Thanks.

judy utah said...

So if Foster "happens to be born into a rich family" why can't he pay for this movie's production... ? I watched another heir apparent (little Jamie Johnson of Johnson and Johnson fame) TWO of his docs.... for free, online, and very well worth watching.

If 'time, she is a runnin' out' be true, then, hey Foster, get your word out, on your dime.... just wondering WHOSE capaitalist ethos has asserted its right to erect fences around ;private property.... and what, not allow this flick to be seen for free???? isn't that up to Foster? let's call a spade a spade.

and i'm with anonymous on the private ownership... i've seen the lazy kick back on socialism in australia, england.... while their hardworking brothers nobly pay at least 50% taxes whilst complaining out of the side of their mouths. You cannot legislate sharing and caring... just like you cannot legislate love. (btw this gay marriage thing is ludicrous.... civil marriage is about property rights, taxes, MONEY... what about us overly taxed singles? I rise up against venues stating: Admission $10 / couples $15 ... to hell with that! I'll pay $7.50 thank you!)

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