Friday, February 10, 2012

Haris Ibrahim ~ Cutting Through The Crap

I like Haris Ibrahim. More than that, I admire this man's guts and his innate integrity, lucidity, and nobility. He is undoubtedly a true patriot whose love for his homeland compels him to take a firm stand on behalf of social justice, freedom, and truth.

Umno/BN stands in the way of social justice, freedom, and truth. So Haris Ibrahim is cutting straight through the crap and gunning for meaningful regime change. He chooses to remain non-partisan. Someone has to keep an eye on how Pakatan Rakyat performs when they take over the reins of power. But Haris knows we have no other alternative at this juncture apart from ensuring that Pakatan Rakyat forms the next government.

The People's Government. That's what Ketuanan Rakyat means. Ministers will be constantly reminded that they are public servants - not privateers and profiteers.

More power to you, Haris, and thank you.

Hearing you speak reassures me that there are enough good people with heart and brains, waiting in the wings to restore the health, wealth and longevity of this beautiful and blessed land called Malaysia.

We hear you.


Anonymous said...

That is a lone fighting Malaysian who stands in the middle. On his right the old & obese rich crooks. On his left the not so rich Xcrooks ( aka the overpromising saviors/pretenders).

We the 99% are comfortably (or safely) in front/sides, the usually pragmatic ( the still sleeping &/or the ignorant tidak apa smartalex, ahchoon,ali armchair critics), waiting patiently for the Rm500 fallout.

Time to fight, boyzs & girls. We mut help Haris to help ourselves

Anonymous said...

It is a universal paradox.

Concerned,intelligent & talkative people like Haris(blessed with a legal degree & gift of the gab)seems to be from the good force, talks sensible (with clear analysis & what to do this that etc) but have no power on his own to change the bad

Powerful Politicians (aka Filthy Crooks) from UMNO (eg Najib, Zahid, Syarizat etc etc) rob and steal from the public with impunity... with power obtained and given by the people...and seem to get away with murder

Get the Messiah in if we are to save ourselves

Donplaypuks® said...

The problem with Haris is that lately he's all over the place and achieving very little for the cause - Kita, Zaid, MCLM etc. and now ABU.

Also, he's been badly backstabbed by his bosom pal RPK.

He should concentrate on bringing BUMNO/BN down - the primary objective - rather than being a kind of Scarlet Pimpernel of politics, but getting nowhere.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

While I dun hv a problem with Haris's emphatic pursuit to oust UMNO/BN,mainly thru his albeit mislabeled Blog, The People's Parliament, tainted links to maniacal RPK, now fallen bombastic 3rd Force??/MCLM & some other failed connection to certain Blogger associates ( such as Rocky), I feel his bigger than you & me sloganeering ( like another bombastic ABU, stop Lynas, 3rd Force etc) doesn't go well with the real people on the ground, the masses ( who really matter).

This aggressive trait of seeing & spewing propaganda from his own complicated perspective & engaging in pedantic thrusting & sloganeering is his greatest weakness. Perhaps it it is an inherent characteristic/flaw in his legal background.

Haris shud learn to talk simple & connect more with ordinary Malaysian lives on the streets, instead of spewing continuous learned jargons in cyberspace or attending Big Press ABU/3rd Force/MCLM Conferences ( much like what those addicted UMNO people are so fond of, or as in the past-time that those Pakatan politicians (that he so despises) also engage in like clockwork precision, especially overseas such as London, Dubai (heck even Turkey)

Do more Haris , talk less

Cobra Joe