Friday, February 10, 2012

Haris Ibrahim ~ Cutting Through The Crap

I like Haris Ibrahim. More than that, I admire this man's guts and his innate integrity, lucidity, and nobility. He is undoubtedly a true patriot whose love for his homeland compels him to take a firm stand on behalf of social justice, freedom, and truth.

Umno/BN stands in the way of social justice, freedom, and truth. So Haris Ibrahim is cutting straight through the crap and gunning for meaningful regime change. He chooses to remain non-partisan. Someone has to keep an eye on how Pakatan Rakyat performs when they take over the reins of power. But Haris knows we have no other alternative at this juncture apart from ensuring that Pakatan Rakyat forms the next government.

The People's Government. That's what Ketuanan Rakyat means. Ministers will be constantly reminded that they are public servants - not privateers and profiteers.

More power to you, Haris, and thank you.

Hearing you speak reassures me that there are enough good people with heart and brains, waiting in the wings to restore the health, wealth and longevity of this beautiful and blessed land called Malaysia.

We hear you.