Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Astrology of 2012 and December 21st ~ Craig Howell

Big movements are afoot in the heavens as the planets jostle into position, signifying no less than the birth of a new consciousness. But with birth sometimes comes painful transitions until mother and child are resting in each others arms. The beginning of this goes back to the “Harmonic Convergence” of the ‘80s, but the most recent turn of events is showing a ratcheting up of the energy to the point where something’s got to give, as they say.

In June of 2011 there began a series of hard aspects between Uranus and Pluto, sometimes forming Grand Crosses with other planets in the Cardinal Signs. Uranus is the planet of independence and revolution and by that time last year it was in full swing with the “Arab Spring” and the “Occupy” movement not far behind. Pluto deals with old energy that needs shifting and in this case, in Capricorn, old structures that have been mainstays of society that need an overhaul. All astrologers agree that when planetary energies push against each other such as these, the friction and pressure create something like a world seismic event that lasts for a long time. It’s like an earthquake that has been building over years, starts swarming and then releases the pressure in various eruptions.

When other planets join in and form a cross in the sky, it intensifies this pattern. Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer) show that the effects of this transition will be temporary, yet fraught with emergencies, creating issues or problems that require immediate solutions. It also shows that although there will be wasted energy spinning wheels, there will ultimately be growth and change for the better. Hard aspects will come to a conclusion in 2016, but it doesn’t mean that we’re done. It’s going to take a while to straighten everything back out. As one channeler expressed about this transition, “we are waist-deep” into it. We are in a major transition.

It’s time for “business as usual” to change, whether you want to or not. The Universe doesn’t ask if you are ready. This will turn the tables on the Plutonian power brokers if they are using their energy to control and manipulate the masses, because the masses just woke up and they are not going to lie down and play the game anymore. This is the beginning of the end for old political, financial, cultural and even religious structures (especially male-dominated types) that have run their course and are no longer assisting our evolution. This is the general climate at this time.

Now it is 2012 and everyone is wondering what’s going to happen when we get to the date of December 21, 2012. As an astrologer, there are indeed real physical alignments of planets around that date, but are of a more subtle nature. There is still Uranus and Pluto pounding it out along with the Sun and Moon, showing a minor flare up, but there is another configuration that begins at this date and continues for a short time. This is called a Yod, or the “Finger of God.”

Although this sounds ominous, it is actually symbolic of a time when a clear choice must be made as to where or how to proceed. With that choice a new destiny is born. It shows that we are at a crossroads, everyone knows it, and in fact may have even felt this for a long time, but now the realization that we can not go on like this has arrived. On December 21st, this may be but an inner knowing among us, but by late March, 2013, we will see what our choices have brought us. This configuration is helped along by having Pluto and Saturn sharing each other’s ruler. Pluto in Capricorn is saying tear down the old systems. Saturn in Scorpio is saying reuse and retool what is worth saving into something that works for us now. Because Jupiter is the trigger for this transit, it may be that people will be assessing their belief in their own abilities to accomplish a major shift (both inner and outer) and checking their personal spiritual beliefs. Maybe because Jupiter is in Gemini (and retrograde) people will be talking a lot about this to each other as well, attempting to process this and gauge other’s experiences of this at the moment. Then we will see what we have manifested in March, 2013.

Along the way there will be more exposing and reversal of power structures that do not serve our spiritual growth at this time. This may create some emergency situations that must be dealt with. It will also be a challenge to us to take back our power individually; to be accountable for our decisions and for the circumstances we find ourselves in. This may be felt as just a nudge now, but a more visceral effect will show around April of 2014, especially for the United States, as Jupiter moves into Cancer and triggers the Uranus /Pluto formation all over again.

This year Neptune moves into its home sign of Pisces. I believe it will be seen on one level as personal and group spiritual involvement and, on another level, as a social concern for the underprivileged or disenfranchised, where people are volunteering and sacrificing to help others in need. But there is more.

Because this involves Neptune, one must tread carefully so as to be able to get a constant reality check. This position will open people more to the spiritual realms, but also become the gateway for delusions, illusion and fantasy. Although we will be learning to be our own spiritual guide by connecting through our heart and soul, there will still be many searching for that one who they can follow, the one who they believe can save them and save the world.

Neptune tries to get us to live in higher consciousness while living in a lower vibrational third dimensional world, which provides some conflict for most humans, to say the least. Neptune seeks perfection in an imperfect world by any means possible, hence the negative reaction in striving to feel Nirvana through drugs or any escapist tendency instead of going within to align with their higher awareness. With Neptune, the “real” world weighs heavy on the soul.

As far as 2012 goes, this could mean that there is so much belief from so many that a particular event can occur, this event—or series of events—begins to manifest. Whether it is a manifestation of fear or of love is up to us. It comes down to the question, “How do you envision your future?” It may be the beginning of a time when we really start seeing our own thoughts and feelings manifest in our lives very clearly. Those that do not understand this may be creating more negativity for themselves and, only seeing this, they may believe it to be their reality—a never ending circle. This may be what people have predicted as a shift or separation in reality, which could be very confusing if you’re not prepared for it.

The greater effect for the United States will come around 2014-2024, as planets make harsh exact aspects to planets in the United States chart. This will shift the country in a deep and long lasting way. After this transit the USA will never be the same. This sounds dire, but it is actually going to bring a breath of fresh air after the power struggles are over between those who don’t want change and those who do.

My take on the big picture is that Neptune in Pisces is the last gasp of the Piscean Age with all the attending irrational fears, hypersensitivity and emotional hysteria until it goes into Aries (2026) about the same time as Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2024. Then we will see the real beginning of the Aquarian Age where people have a greater understanding of the spiritual energetic principles that create our existence and a tolerance for the beliefs and lifestyles of others.
Craig Howell has been a published writer since 1993 when he created and published his holistic/metaphysical monthly publication, The Wheel. He has since created four books: A Flower Unfolds (spiritual giftbook), Through the Eyes of Kwan Yin (Q&A with a Kwan Yin channel), Spiritual Teachings for Young Souls (basic teachings for teen empowerment) and 2012 Messages. He has contributed to many publications online and in print, most recently in Dell Horoscope Magazine.

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