Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Star Commander Lee Ahau Ben turns Sweet Sixteen!

Lee Ahau Ben, 13 days after he landed on 21 March 1996.
16 years later, he still believes Mickey Mouse is God.

Anoora was the most excited one of all at Ahau's party.
Mary couldn't persuade Ahau to participate in the cake cutting ritual.
Neither could Anoora get him away from his Nemo DVD.
Don't BUG me... it's my birthday!

Aunt Rodi got Ahau a beautiful coverlet with a religious motif.
Mugging for the camera with his Daddy...
Okay, Daddy, that's enough...
All this unsolicited attention is giving me a headache.
So just bugger off, all right? I'm busy cultivating some acne.

That's better. Pimples don't show up in sepia.