Saturday, October 5, 2013

What brand of smartphones and tablets is ideal for UMNO BARU members?

UMNO (1946~1988) ... UMNO BARU (1988~?)
UMNO BARU president elected by 191 corrupt division chiefs
UMNO BARU vice-president in charge of homo affairs
Suck my keris!
UMNO BARU faithful ever ready to lie for their party
UMNO BARU thug threatening innocent bystanders with his shoe
UMNO BARU in the digital age, preparing for the Great War in Cyberspace
Who says the mentally and morally retarded can't use smartphones?

[First published 25 April 2012]


Anonymous said...

Hey , dun offend our fav tablet !
Filty UMNO is not fit to be 10 feet near our beloved Samsung

lawan kotor said...

Hi Anteres,

Will you be joining us for the BERSIH 3.0 Jom Duduk Bantah?