Wednesday, May 30, 2012

These girls would be arrested in Malaysia... (updated)

Uploaded 24 September 2009

First of all these girls are dressed in red. Remember the Jerit cyclists who were harassed, arrested and obstructed at every turn when they decided to ride across the country to alert people to urgent social issues? Red is a Communist color.... oops, forgot that Umno samseng also wear red T-shirts.

Second of all these amazingly acrobatic young ladies would be accused of attempting to impersonate our national flower, the hibiscus. A very serious offence, almost as bad as premarital sex or drinking beer in public if you're a Muslim.

Third of all such an exhibitionistic display of unladylike behavior could encourage our local women to become pengkid - tomboys - and there's a fatwa against that. We can't have Ambiga Sreenevasan's lascivious LGBT legions grow from strength to strength.

Best of all these 16 acrobats from China appear to have no qualms about revealing their knickers. This could precipitate traffic jams and riots on our streets and cause petty traders aligned with Umno to lose revenue. Najib would be forced to call out his army of veteran bumwigglers. Malaysia would lose face big time. The Agong would be compelled to issue a statement advising us to stay united and vote BN.

Ahhhh... fuck all that shit. What is it about young girls and bicycles? Can't resist them!