Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Another virtual heavy petting session with Kay the Hottie (an indigo)...

Kay the Hottie wrote on 26 January 2003:

Okay, so my next question for you is... how did you find that awareness? Not the general kind of awareness that I have, but the specific awareness, the names, the dates, the families, etc.... I have been having a lot of dreams about alien abductions, missions, space voyages and the like in the last year and know they were no ordinary dreams. I have asked my guides (I 'met' them) to help me find the answers to those questions (A lot of the answers for how I can really serve the human race/journey to enlightenment lie in my deep past, I think). I know I have a very crucial role (as do we all!) and want to have more awareness about it. So my question again is how did you find it?

Kay my dear, a lot of information can be classified as "unnecessary baggage." Most times, I don't know nuts about nuttin' - but somehow bits and pieces are leaked to me whenever someone asks me a question. Perhaps we know all of it at a subconscious level (or superconscious, more likely). It's a simple matter of data retrieval. Some folks can easily access the Akashic Records (Edgar Cayce being a well-documented cayce in point, pun fully intended) and others (like you) have spirit guides whisper advice in their inner ear. Now that you ask me point blank HOW DID I FIND THAT AWARENESS? I'm stumped.

I really don't know HOW, Kay, believe me. Maybe I accept the notion that NOTHING IS REAL BUT EVERYTHING IS TRUE. Which means it all happens in the IMAGINATION - the Big Bang, Scenario Universe, Evolution, Creator Gods, Galactic Federations, Light Councils, Ascended Masters, the Entire Kaboodle! Therefore, simply by TRUSTING your imaginative intuition, you become receptive to whatever flows in and out of your consciousness. You may visualize it as being in alignment with your Higher Self or Guiding Angel or The Big G. I've had lots of practice talking with myriad aspects of my Self. Okay, my MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF. A very appealing and enticing aspect of which happens to be... Kay the Hottie!

I've set Kay up to prompt me from time to time into answering her metaphysical questions, just so I can remind myself how vast my/your/our memory bank actually is. Now what happens is that the so-called "western" method of schooling (we're better off describing it as the Greco-Roman-Judaeo- Christian Template of Instruction) emphasizes logic and the quantitative approach. In short, it favors empirical knowledge over intuitive knowing. Empiricism deals mainly with erroneous notions of OBJECTIVITY, MEASURABILITY, REPEATABILITY, CONCRETE PROOF. All of which happens only within a very narrow band of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum called the PHYSICAL WORLD.

The scientific materialism which underpins all our educational methodologies makes it virtually impossible for anyone raised in such a materialistic environment to deprogram himself or herself from the left-brained, proof-demanding approach to truth. Yes, you're right in saying that the cultural matrix into which you chose to incarnate does not readily support your metaphysical seeking - although the amazing thing is that a dramatic shift has occurred within the last 100 years or so wherein the West has become more and more interested in Eastern Mysticism - while the East has become more and more enamored of Western Materialism. Indeed, you'll find more Tibetan rinpoches in California than in Tibet itself, especially after the 1959 Chinese invasion. Himalayan sages have found more faithful followers out west than back home. In short, where you happen to incarnate has little bearing on your quest for eternal truth... or at least some answers to your burning questions.

I'm reminded of a book I read recently caled Sophie's World. It's a fairly readable summary of Western Philosophy starting with the Athenians and ending with the German-Scandinavians. It doesn't include Eastern Philosophies - but that would have made the author's task well nigh impossible.

I know you're eager to figure out your earthly mission and get on with it. But methinks you've been doing a great job so far. Why, you're only 24, right? And you've already worked out all the essential bits. Some folks don't have a clue about their true missions till they're way past 40 - and lots don't wake up till they're back in the astral! So, don't be in such a rush, Kay love, take your time and trust that your Higher Self knows exactly when you need a specific experience or a roadsign to get back on track.

Now how's that for a HEAVY PETTING session???

Big Fat Smoochies,

[From my email archives. First posted 20 June 2012, reposted 21 September 2015]