Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My grandson Max turned 12 today!

NERF blasters... not for NERDs!
Even before his birthday, Max already received a whole stack of goodies...
Max befriends Bonzo, Magick River's baby dog
Max with feisty sister Reiya Sunshine (23 August 2012)
With his beloved Grandma, a prolific blogger and activist!

Molly Fu
(28 August 1950 - 12 June 2006)

Max shares a birthday with his magnificent grand-aunt Molly
who babysat him a lot - and who also took care of Belle
and her sister Moon when they were babies.
"An Angel returned to Heaven..."
is how Belle describes this beautiful, gentle soul.


masterymistery said...

Happy birthday Max, for yesterday. The photos suggest a long history of some very fine genes! Great shot with Reiya at the River.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! Nice pics. Truly a handsome kid.

Ipohgal said...

Have a ball Max, you're a truly fine looking young man! Must be the genes!