Monday, September 17, 2012

An Iranian nuclear engineer may hold the key to the planet's future...

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is an Iranian nuclear engineer who has made some truly astounding breakthroughs in plasma drive systems that will completely revolutionize the technological landscape of our planet - once the massive resistance to Mr Keshe's utopian vision has been overcome.

Some have accused him of being a fraud, others question his scientific credentials - since he has taken pains to distance himself from scientific academicians who serve the existing power structure.

It is obvious, in any case, that the oil, gas and nuclear power industries view the work of the Keshe Foundation with fear and loathing, because widespread acceptance and use of his cutting-edge plasma reactor tech would make fossil fuels utterly obsolete - and inevitably liberate humankind from corporate bondage.

I am in no position to technically assess or review M.T. Keshe's pioneering work in plasma reactor tech. I can only go with my instincts; and my gut feeling is that the Keshe Foundation is very much part of the lineage of visionary scientists like Nikola Tesla whose work was sadly subsumed and neutralized by gross commercial interests with extremely myopic and petty concerns, mainly maximizing on quick profits for themselves and their shareholders, without any serious consideration for the fragile ecosystem or the ultimate well-being of all species.

Don't forget to sign the online petition urging the United Nations to override private interests for the public good.

Visit the Keshe Foundation website for more info.