Sunday, May 14, 2023

Universal Declaration of Peace & Harmony (reprise)

On this auspicious day,
let there be a coming together of all Star Lineages
that have contributed their diverse strands of experience and genetic heritage
unto informing the Rainbow Tribes of Earth Humanity,
and the entire spectrum of discrete lifeforms within the Biosphere,
that we collectively call
The Dance of Life.

Many of us continue to bear the residual pain of wounds and scars
sustained in the course of countless battles on all the planes,
inner and outer,
against those Fragmented Aspects of Our Greater Selves
that would not recognize and acknowledge
the Freedom and Integrity of our Sovereign Beings,
as Beloved Offspring of the Primordial Mother and Father -
indeed Prime Creator Source itself -
through all the stages of Cosmic Evolution,
conscious and otherwise,
voluntary or involuntary.

We have witnessed the grievous animosity and antagonism,
carried over within the molecular memory banks,
of warring factions across the Aeons:
between the Reptilians and the Primates;
between those of Sirian tutelage and those of the Pleiadian;
the Children of the One and the Sons of Belial;
Elohim and Nefilim;
Dark Lords and Jedi Knights;
Arcturian Emissaries and Emanations of the Orion Light Council;
Aldebaranian and Betelgeusian; Procyonian and Fomalhautian;
Rigelian and Aetherian; Martian and Venusian; Jupiterian and Saturnian;
Galactic Federation and Intergalactic Guardian Alliance;
Jews and Gentiles; Christians and Moslems; Hindus and Buddhists;
Palestinian and Israeli; Catholic and Protestant; Cowboys and Indians;
humanoid and insectoid; cuboid and spheroid;
Dreamtimers and Machinetimers;
Leftists and Rightists; Centrists and Dentists and Mentists and Adventists;
Wheelers and Dealers and Healers and Feelers;
and we hereby declare that


I refer specifically to the powerful imprint of the Tragedy of Avalon,
wherein the New Ways supplanted the Old through Force of Arms,
indeed, at swordpoint and on pain of excruciating death,
and wherein the Ancient Magick was driven from the Blessed Isles
by Slayers of Dragons bearing the Cross of Oppression,
instigated by the Elohim in the name of the Tetragrammaton, IHVH.

And all who had dedicated their lives in service to the ancient Pendragon bloodline
were reduced in status and cast out to perish in obscurity,
wandering the face of the Earth in disguise,
hiding their Druidic wisdom in riddles and childish rhymes.

It is time now to let these old wounds heal:
to remember the rĂ´les we each played out, the dire oaths we swore -
that cruel injustice be avenged, the high and mighty brought low,
and the forgotten and forsaken once again be hailed as heroes and heroines,
and exalted.

Do you remember the stories of glory and of sacrifice,
the defeats and victories, the love triangles and tragic romances,
the secret alliances and desperate betrayals,
we have each played out in the Holographic Hell
that is even now fading away like a nightmare
upon our Awakening?


and be restored, now and forever, unto Wholeness and Harmony,
that we may all sing and dance and laugh and love one another
in innocence and purity, without armor or masks,
in the Rose Garden that the
Glorious House of Love

the UNITY in COMMUNITY, the ALL-ONE-ness in ALONE,
let us honor even the PIG within us that dwells in the STY of Hone-STY...

so that the EARTH-HEART we call H.O.M.E.
will once again reveal her True Beauty as the Lady Melina -
and our Beloved Planet shall once more flow
with sweet HONE-st-Y and the MILK of Human Kindness.

Let there be no farther or "Father" di-VISION
in the EYE or "I" that is SINGLE -
or div-IS-ion in our molecular IS-ness! 

With All-Encompassing & Deep-Healing Love,
Antares Maitreya

Two Faces of Our One Face

[First posted 7 September 2012, reposted 3 December 2015, 2 November 2016 
& 24 January 2021