Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Steve Jobs in Heaven ~ a very short story by Matt Bors

Cartoon courtesy of Matt Bors who's appealing for funds to publish his first book of political cartoons.

[First posted 24 October 2012]


fakemalaysianews said...

just Brilliant! Thanks for sharing Antares

Unknown said...

Buddhists are not supposed to be reincarnated ;-)

masterymistery said...

hehehe ... excellent. He lost the keys to his karma!

Starmandala said...

@fmn - inspired wit is for sharing :-)

@Pasupathy - What are you talking about? We are ALL reincarnated at this juncture because we fucked up big time a few rounds ago.

@masterymistery - another award-winning comment :-D

Bane said...

Haha. In the mac logo you will see the bite of the apple which caused Man's fall from grace. Steve Jobs' claim to be Buddhist hints of his been 'sinless',though tainted, as the concept of sin exists only in the Judeo/Chritian/Muslim tradition.