Monday, December 10, 2012

Mayans prepare for Galactic Alignment on 21 December 2012....

The ancient Maya, with their advanced science, saw clearly the galactic and solar events leading up to the new age that will arrive around the 2012 date. Their calendars not only counted time with incredible precision but more importantly charted the fluctuations in human consciousness throughout time.

In his book The Night of the Last Katun (which you can order by clicking here) Ac Tah reveals the circumstances surrounding the departure/disappearance of his Mayan ancestors and of their plan to return. He explains why the pyramids were built and how they function. How, by using the encoded Maya technology, each one of us can activate their DNA and rise to a higher frequency, to that of an awakened being.

Ac Tah tells us that the Maya were a scientifically advanced and enlightened society. That they left behind not only highly accurate calendars but coded information that contained technology for this crucial time in the evolution of Earth and humanity.

[Source: Ac Tah 2012]