Friday, April 4, 2014

A life-changing soul-activating three-and-a-half hour lecture by Len Horowitz

Published on 1 September 2013

Dr. Len Horowitz's books have tackled some complex, controversial subjects, including shadow elite conspiratorial agendas, natural health, hidden information in Biblical texts, and vibrational medicine. His present book delves into all these matters.

The information on physics, consciousness, quantum-holographic reality, vibrational sound, sacred geometry, water crystals, DNA, and holistic medicine in this book is fantastic and very current. Horowitz's religious ideas seem a bit confused to me as he has put himself on a messianic mission to promote global health and overcome the global elite dark agendas that he has been uncovering. He has seemingly become aligned with light polarity mystery school traditions connected to the Essene sects of the Biblical times.