Friday, June 20, 2014

The Merry Month of May That Was (Part 3)

This quickly became a familiar sight

Ahau Ben at 6 (Photo: Emanar)
Before Ahau was born I telepathically enquired of the incoming soul: "What's your mission in this incarnation?" It responded: "I come to demonstrate the power of love." Even though we still do not know what triggered the terrifying fits on the morning of May 25th - & despite CT scans that show the presence of some fluid in his brain, symptomatic of possible infection - I no longer doubt that this strange lad who chose to be born as my only begotten son is on a very special mission & it has just shifted gear.... in Putrajaya! Thanks, Yehokhanan Ishtar, for your extremely timely, insightful & pertinent message. Ishtar said: "Be grateful for what Ahau is going through right now." Indeed, it's not always pleasant work, demonstrating the power of love.... {Facebook update on 27 May 2014)

The doctors had analyzed the preliminary results of Ahau’s cerebrospinal fluid sample and ruled out meningitis. There had been no relapses since his admission to the Hospital Putrajaya ICU. Indeed, his metabolism was completely back to normal, and he had begun drinking water and eating solids by the third day.

Ahau usually doesn't like wearing hats but in this instance he didn't resist

During his recovery Ahau had been uncharacteristically cooperative with the doctors and nurses, allowing his blood pressure to be recorded several times daily, blood samples taken, even stoically enduring multiple attempts to reinsert his intravenous antibiotic and saline drip, which kept getting displaced. Everyone who attended to him was extremely kind and patient and he certainly was more open and responsive to people around him than he had previously been wont to.

It certainly seemed like the entire medical crisis had been a massive wake-up call not just for Ahau, but also for Mary and me. We had been content to leave well enough alone and hadn’t been firm enough with regard to how much time he could spend in front of his laptop, replaying specific cartoon scenes over and over again.

Ahau perks up at the sight of his beloved laptop

Over the years I had more or less given up trying to get Ahau interested in other activities – taking walks, playing music, drawing, and so on. Mary and I resolved to keep the pressure on Ahau to shift beyond his comfort zone, but for now, we were just overjoyed that our beloved Bunyip was back on track and ready to walk out of Hospital Putrajaya – which he did around 6:30pm on 30 May 2014.

Ready to go home after paying a very reasonable hospital bill of RM402

Looking back almost a month later on the entire episode, I feel profoundly grateful that Ahau’s medical crisis lasted no more than five days and that it had brought out far more positive side-effects than anyone could have imagined. 

Surprise visit from an old friend, Ras Adiba Radzi,
closet elven queen & fairy godmother to Ahau
The emotional and energetic support of a wide circle of friends kept us calm and centered, focused on Ahau’s swift recovery and emergence from his hospital ordeal with palpable gains in awareness, maturity, and a willingness to engage with other humans. Old friends suddenly popped up in my inbox asking about Ahau and offering useful advice and energetic support. Someone I haven't seen in years couriered a consignment of Transfer Factor to help boost Ahau's immune system and accelerate full recovery. Ahau even had a special visit from Ras Adiba Radzi the day before he was discharged.

Mee rebus served at Cafe Hospital Putrajaya
(photo: Ben Ashaari)
Every step of the way – from KKB District Hospital to Putrajaya - we encountered only helpful, dedicated and competent doctors and nurses. Even the ambulance drivers, security guards and maintenance staff were friendly and understanding. I found myself looking forward to the amazing variety of food served in the Hospital Putrajaya cafeteria. One of the staff told me this was actually a branch of a well-known restaurant franchise – not any run-of-the-mill hospital canteen.

Apart from that, I could sense that Ahau’s other-worldly energy field had the effect of neutralizing or at least softening the cold, impersonal atmosphere of the nation’s administrative capital. Throughout the period of commuting between Pertak Village and Putrajaya Hospital, I found myself operating on overdrive, far more alert than usual to changing frequencies. After this experience, the whole idea of Putrajaya has lost its erstwhile reptilian clamminess. I know there are still many befriendable and admirable human beings to be found in its vast precincts.

20 June 2014