Monday, February 16, 2015

THE LIE WE LIVE ~ a short film by Spencer Cathcart

Published on 27 Jan 2015

Exposing the truth about our corrupt world and what humanity has become.

This is a short documentary film I made and wrote questioning our freedom, the education system, corporations, money, the American capitalist system, the US government, world collapse, the environment, climate change, genetically modified food, and our treatment of animals.

My name is Spencer Cathcart and if you want to contact me email


masterymistery said...

a great call to action!

Dividendum said...

Well, that was some piece of pie. I say like the signature "themcflyforeva" (further down in the thread): "What replaces capitalism? Ideas like these are completely [...] useless if you have no alternatives to suggest, "Wake up" is not a [...] suggestion." Nor a solution.

The problem is, you fail to see or understand that all the things you mention are conditions which develop, change and transform over time. You make everything seem so static. Get some historical perspective for God's sake. Are you willing to throw away 250 years of struggle the human kind, through science and hard labor, have achieved to make the living conditions on this planet better for itself? I don't know how narrow minded one have to be to miss this kind of historical developement. That developement is an exceptional and historically unseen change in the history of mankind. Are you willing to not call that an improvement of the living conditions of mankind? Another problem is that you cherry pick and macro focus on things which make them seem lika a problem when they are not.

Otherwise it's some advanced and serious piece of propaganda which makes me want to know who is sponsoring you or/and what ideology drives you? Why are you nor forthcoming with that?

You infer that Capitalism is the problem? And you say "Land is owned by corporations"? Really? That is abhorrent. Maybe you want the Government to own every piece of land instead? What is your take on private property, then? Equally abhorrent? The rhetoric here is you exaggerate every condition and state of the world that is up on the political agenda in all democratic countries in the western world. That makes me suspicious.

You say "we need leaders, not politicians", which is quite funny. How do you mean that would come about in any other way than how it's done now? There once was a realm behind a wall that had no politicans and instead produced leaders. We all know how well that turned out. I think you know what realm I'm refering to, right? Is it that reality you want us to "Wake Up" to?

And then Global warming, is that really a threat? So, you are not happy to live in the Holocene age, this warmer period we've been having now since 10,000 years basically within the much longer dominating Ice Age, called Pleistocene (the ice on the polar caps is the evidence for that)? You want to get out of this warmer period by going back to the colder Pleistocene? And you want Our Leaders to do it? Really interesting? Sounds like someone could be your father? ;-)

What is your solution/-s other than to take a stand and "wake up" and get out for some healthy jogging in the forest and meadows? You know, Spencer, listing things that is wrong in this world and who is to blame for it, is easy. Solutions are harder. Any subjective misanthropist with an agenda can list what is wrong with anything in the world.

The thing with resignated, semi-luddite propaganda like this (although you seem to "wake up" yourself in the end realising we have the capitalist invention called the Internet helping you spreading this message), is to whom it caters. It caters to young malleable, sometimes gullable, minds in their twenties who seeks solutions to an seemingly overwhelming heep of troubles and problems in the world they are living in

Starmandala said...

Dear Divide&Rulem, your lengthy tirade against Spencer Cathcart's short film reveals a sophisticated intellect that has opted to serve the economic & political status quo- no matter how corrupt, lop-sided & ruinous to the ecosystem it has become. I have lots of former friends who think just like you & who show exactly the same antagonism, derision, scorn & opprobrium for those who cry out from the soul for a radical break from the hell-on-earth scenario we are all trapped in owing to tragic circumstances of our own (or at least our ancestors') making. I'll tell you what, Mr Divide&Rulem, being smart without a heart you might as well be stupid. You are absolutely & utterly obnoxious. Your energy, your syntax, your arrogance, your smug sense of having all the answers... if you decide to make a run for it across my kitchen floor... I'd pick you up with a piece of tissue paper & fling you down my toilet... & yes, I'd flush without a moment's hesitation.

Unknown said...

:))) how funny you are, Spencer. Lol What an interesting conversation!

Kevin Ramsey said...

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