Thursday, May 25, 2017

Recorded Talks by Gnostic Scholar-Mystic John Lash

Published on 8 October 2016

After one whole year absent from teaching, John Lamb Lash returns with a revised discourse he originally published last year and then removed from

In this revised version of 'The Sovereign Moment' Lash explains what this moment is, whose moment it is and where we go from here on in.

Recorded 6th Oct 2016

Published on 17 December 2016

This introduces what the Maitreya Process is. It presents an unusual approach to the subject of enlightenment. JLL reading from an essay on the Maitreya Process on

Books by John Lamb Lash
'Not In His Image'
"Quest For The Zodiac'
'Twins and the Double'
'The Hero'
'The Seeker's Handbook'

15th December 2016

Published on 2 October 2016

In this talk by modern day Gnostic & Telestic Shaman John Lamb Lash, explains the tragedy of the Aeon Mother, Gaia Sophia - Her divine experiment is contaminated with spoilers and human animals who do not even notice Her, recognise Her, or recognize who they are, despite them standing on Her, being sustained by Her, created by Her in the Pleroma. Lash offers you a proposition of creation and belief that you can test yourself and others with no ifs, no buts, where do you select yourself?
Discover the root of all addiction which even the Planetary Animal Mother Sophia suffers from.
'Not In His Image' by John Lamb Lash