Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Basics of Magical Conjugation ~ A Handmade Manual of Sexual Yoga

This is a handmade booklet I created in 1973 as a wedding gift for my friend Lee Chang Song & his bride Sim. Only one copy exists... but I made a photocopy for my own archives & here it is, lovingly scanned & restored for posterity!

The faded & stained photocopy wasn't at all clear, so I couldn't really figure out the details.

The manual was egg-shaped & mostly hand-drawn.

I never got any feedback from the newlyweds, so I don't know if they found this advice helpful.

At 23 I had so much excess energy! 

The drawings are still pretty good, no? 

Hmmm... it would take more than drums to get me aroused these days.

I must admit I'm partial to oily sex.

This was probably lifted from a book by Vera Stanley Adler (but there was no space for credits).

Aleister Crowley had an insufferable ego - but he was never a tenth as evil & dangerous 
as he would have appeared to the sexually repressed Victorian psyche.