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Five Years After 2012: Are We All Going Crazy? ~ by Flemming Funch (written in October 2017)

Pointless by Cosmic Rapture

A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO, I started observing/believing/predicting that our human experience was quickening, and that the rules were changing, in somewhat predictable ways, as things speed up. A metaphorical way of talking about it would be that we were passing through successive "dimensions", each one with different rules. It wasn't my original idea in any way, but I latched on to it, and wrote a few blog posts about it.

One of the key points is that various kinds of things (emotions, thoughts, difficult situations) will come up for people, and need to be dealt with and somehow "processed" on an individual basis, in order to make it to the next level. It would be a moving target. As soon as you find your peace with things, another layer is peeled off, and you need to figure out how to deal with that. You have to keep up with what life throws at you. Now, if you don't deal with things, if you don't pay attention or if you don't bother to do the required personal intellectual or emotional work, you'll be in trouble. Basically, if you keep denying what is going on for you, and you don't do anything about it, or you do the wrong things, you end up going insane.

Back then, I had gone along with the spurious prediction that something big and cataclysmic would happen in 2012. The end of the Mayan calendar and that kind of stuff. Seemed like that might be the deadline for entering the 5th dimension, or whatever exactly it is. Well, 2012 came and went, and nothing really dramatic happened. But well, even if the expected timing was a bit off, it did more or less happen. It is now 2017, and an alarmingly large percentage of the population seems to have gone insane. That should be visible both in the news, on social media, and among people you know personally.

A lot of people are out of their skulls panicking, succumbing to their neuroses, fighting invisible enemies, feeling targeted and victimized by evil forces, freaking out daily about the latest thing they heard, and seemingly having no tools left for rational thinking or for finding their own peace. Some people only do it once in a while, some apparently do it 24/7. Either way, they just can't. deal. with. it. Unfortunately, if they don't, it will only get worse.

Whereas, for people who successfully deal with what is thrown at them, things get better. Currently it might be hard to see, as we could say that we're going through a period of at least metaphorical darkness.

Whether it is entirely clear yet or not, people have picked different ways of dealing with it. The people who are going crazy have maybe not picked very well, and not very consciously, but they have picked. If they simply continue to panic more and more, they'll find themselves increasingly in hell. Whereas the people who've managed to keep their sanity will, once the fog clears, more likely find that new and better things are emerging, and there are paths forward, and they know what to do.

How it will look, with those drastically different kinds of realities co-existing, I'm not sure. Maybe they will part ways in some manner that I can't quite imagine. Droves of people committing mass-suicide, because they can't handle the noise in their heads and the pain in their hearts, I don't know.

Oh, and to not make it too bleak, there's always a choice. Particularly for people who get a little of each, who go a bit crazy once in a while, but who then find themselves. We're all a little nuts, so that's pretty normal.

5 October 2017

[First posted 5 October 2017]