Friday, October 30, 2020


The Heart of Sophia by Jo Sophia (watercolor on art paper) 2020

Behold the Creatrix!

As Sophia, the Gnostics knew her;

Mother Nature the people now call her;

As the Great Goddess Gaia, the Romans revered her,

Even as she slumbered through countless ages,

Conjuring flora and fauna in her dreams,

From the compacted plasma of her Aeonic Being,

That crumbly, earthy, fertile substance some call Dirt

And some call Soil, upon which farmers and gardeners toil,

Bringing forth bountiful Beauty.


The Birth of Sophia by Jo Sophia (watercolor on art paper) 2020

Oh, she manifests infinite potential in diverse forms:

All we see around us is merely a different, unique aspect

Of her ceaselessly changing Dream Body,

Even as her Self-Awareness ignites and expands,

Every time one of us begins to feel her holy presence

Within, and beyond us, in a moment of heightened joy, or sorrow,

Or erotic passion, for that is her lifeforce,

Kundalini, as the yogis know it.


The Blue Serpent
by Jo Sophia (2020)
In ancient days she was adored and celebrated

As the Serpent and the Cosmic Egg,

Revealing initiatory Gnosis of the Binary Code

Wherein the phallic numeral 1 transforms into a sinuous waveform

To penetrate and fertilize the 0, primordial nothingness (the Holy of Holies),

Nought or Nut (Egyptian Goddess of the Night),

From whose loins Day arises as the radiant Sun (or Son)

To draw forth abundance, delight and life without end,

Indeed, from the numinous, mysterious depths of

The Creatrix Sophia.

The Creatrix Sophia by Jo Sophia 
(watercolor on art paper) 2020


 [For Jo Sophia Kassandra as she begins her 30th solar orbit on 31 October 2020]