Friday, September 2, 2022

Is there a way out of this labyrinthine nightmare? (reprise)


In this morning's dream I found myself wandering through a back-alley busy with hawker stalls & as I strolled past a mamak tea-stall, someone called my name. It was my Singapore friend Farah Ong, an actor & drama teacher. As we were catching up, her friends came up to say hello. They were all out-of-work actors, dancers, stage crews, producers, writers, directors, devastated by the abrupt cancellation of a production they had worked really hard on for months before the scamdemic was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. 

It was heart-wrenching, to say the least, to see the distress of these delightfully charming, talented & exuberant spirits, forced into despondency & despair by a Globalist Agenda none of them had any clue about. Some had invested their life-savings in creating beautiful performance spaces they could call home & then the phantom menace codenamed "Covid" had mercilessly crushed their dreams. Now all they could attempt were virtual performances...

Well, they had been so focused on honing their performance skills, driven by ego ambitions & dreams of fame (if not fortune) & had in the process become so totally entangled in their personal identities (as arty-farty eccentrics, queers, misfits, pundits & pontificators) they had all missed seeing the forest for the trees. Indeed, many had completely forgotten that artists are, in fact, magicians, wizards, visionaries, oracles, shamans & prophets whose primary function is to serve as the Oversoul of the Community, as inspirational guides & wayshowers.

In their eagerness for things to "return to normal" - for the show to go on again, for auditoriums & theaters & borders to reopen, they had succumbed to the lure of dark sorcerers posing as medical experts & health officials & they had signed up for the dangerous & deadly experimental jabs (sincerely believing that in so doing they were actually "saving lives"). 

But in so doing they had cast their vote for the perpetuation of massive deceit through cunning manipulation of collective perceptions, for the manifestation of the Brave New Normal. They had effectively surrendered to Sauronic/Ahrimanic forces hell-bent on confiscating every last vestige of free will & individual sovereignty that is the absolute birthright of every ensouled human & adopted the cynical slogan of The Great Reset - "Build Back Better" (But For Whom)?

And now, no longer capable of acknowledging their own gut feelings, trusting their animal instincts, having opted to "trust the science," they would henceforth reject any unfiltered truth shown to them as being too painful to accept & embrace. Their work as intermediaries between the Seen & Unseen Realms, as community therapists & educators of future generations - once utterly essential to the long-term health & well-being of the species - would henceforth be officially classified "non-essential."

Is there a way out of this labyrinthine nightmare that does not end in our destinies being ruthlessly ripped apart & devoured by the minotaur?

Well, for a start, stop calling me a "conspiracy theorist." The day is upon us when the only source of undistorted truth will be from the ones you now dismiss as tinfoil-hatters, the ones with no vested interest in maintaining a corrupt & perverse status quo, whose incomes & public image do not depend on subscribing to an official narrative.

If you can get beyond your limited ego for a moment & listen carefully to this simple message, it might not be too late to wriggle free of the Archontic snare:

1) Evil can be defined as the compulsion to wield ever increasing power over others. To this end some quarters have invested heavily on ways to hold the world ransom through monstrous weaponry - whether nuclear, weather control or manufactured disease (whoever dropped 2 atomic bombs on Nagasaki & Hiroshima was only interested to observe & document the short- & long-term effects of radiation on humans, it wasn't to end the war; HIV/AIDS was concocted in a biowarfare lab as an ethnospecific virus that got out of control & in the 1980s Anthony Fauci frittered away $15 billion pretending to combat AIDS & since then has reportedly squandered $191 billion on weaponizing viruses; countless billions have been poured into cancer research even as carcinogenic chemicals were sneaked into processed foods). 

In effect, you & I may be incapable of even imagining such evil, but you had better accept that a teeny-weeny minority are & they just happen to control almost all the money in the world. Let's loosely call them the New World Order Cabal. Yes, they control us via religion, academia, news media & entertainment, big tech, big pharma, big agri & they sponsor covert agencies & the military (at least until very recently).

2) The PCR Test used to ascertain whether people are Covid positive or negative is completely bunkum - indeed, an outrageous racket in itself, along with all the Covid paraphernalia (hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, PPE gear, ventilators). Used in conjunction with fake statistics published by complicit & unquestioning media, it has effectively created a phantom menace labelled "Covid-19" (based on a GMO coronavirus deliberately unleashed on us as an excuse for the WHO to declare "a global pandemic" which, in turn, was used to implement harsh quarantines, lockdowns, shutdowns, the mask mandate, etc).

3) The CDC recently announced, very quietly & unapologetically, that in the US, less than 6% of fatalities recorded as Covid-related were actual Covid deaths. The other 94% were, in fact, due to a variety of other causes, many as a direct result of inappropriate hospital procedures, adding to acute fear & psychological trauma.

4) The media has relentlessly promoted anxiety & panic by publishing daily Covid cases (those who tested "positive" with a bogus PCR Test) & listing Covid deaths (even those with severe comorbidities). Not once have they published fatality statistics for other causes of death (accidents, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc) nor have they counterbalanced their reportage with the number of births. In effect, reporting only Departures without noting Arrivals creates an oppressive sense of doom & gloom. They have also suppressed statistics, if any, on the alarming increase of mental health problems & suicides, mostly due to financial distress.

5) The moment you realize what is actually happening & cease to subscribe to the orchestrated fear campaign, you will also stop trusting all governmental authority hiding behind medical & pseudoscientific chicanery. When so much money is involved, people can be bought & bribed & intimidated into silence. Globalist agencies like the UN & the WHO have an occult agenda behind their glossy public relations facades. They were set up by oligarchs to implement their megalomaniacal dreams of Total Control over the entire planet. Along with this realization comes the eureka moment when you begin to experience your Core Self as a Conscious Fractal of The Whole, with direct access to the Supreme Being (or Source) & that you are beholden to nobody & nothing - no monarch, no pope, no president, no panjandrum with a long string of titles, not even your childhood notion of God or Allah or Jesus Christ or the entire Hindu or Nordic or Greek Pantheon. Not only that, you will begin to laugh uncontrollably when you remember that you have always existed & shall forever exist as an Immortal & Indestructible Consciousness, free to take on physical embodiment in any form you choose, for however long you like & wherever you wish. 

So it's perfectly fine to take off that stupid mask already & stop complying with utterly absurd SOPs issued by pathological liars & hypocrites or worse! Reclaim your dignity, your sovereignty, your sacred destiny & your perfect freedom... NOW!

P.S. I strongly feel that in the very near future, those who wish to neutralize the ill effects of the toxic jabs they have foolishly taken into their beautiful bodies will be able to do so through a variety of healing modalities that are beginning to become accessible - though at this stage they cost a fair bit, it's true. I refer specifically to vibrational therapies patented variously as Antantra or Healy or Bioscalar Photonic Fusion Quantum Healing Systems (there are so many more I have yet to even hear about) which, to be expected, have faced vigorous opposition from a Medical Inquisition founded entirely on Allopathy & surreptitiously funded by Rockefeller $$$.

[First posted 5 July 2021]