Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mercury retrograde and the Cabal's final assault against my sense of well-being

How to avoid getting bitten by spiders (photo by Honey Khor 19 October 2021)

In recent years I've stopped paying particular attention to Mercury retrogrades - but this recent one which began 27 September and ended 18 October 2021 certainly got my attention before it fizzled out.

I think it was a spider that bit me between my last two toes on my right foot during the first week of October. It began as just a slight itch and I applied some Tiger Balm (time-tested relief for insect bites). A few days later the itch turned into a slight swelling. 

An important meeting had been arranged at The Fusion Longhouse for October 11th. I began to suspect it was no random spider that bit me. 

It wasn't exactly Shelob but the negative impact on my sense of well-being
was almost as dramatic!

The swelling on my right foot got so bad on October 9th, it hurt when I walked, and I noticed the lymph node in my right groin was inflamed. There was much to be done around the Longhouse so I grit my teeth and went about my daily routines, despite feeling increasingly feverish and having no appetite.

I was prompted along the way to pop an antihistamine pill, followed by 12mg of "horse dewormer." My foot felt fine when I got horizontal and had a good long sleep. Only when I got back on my feet and attempted to go about my daily routine did I feel growing discomfort and fatigue. I took a second antihistamine, followed by another dose of "horse dewormer."

How to say no to this being?
Again, I felt all right whenever I lay in bed. Only when I got vertical did I feel unwell. I observed that the venom from the spider (or whatever the agent had been) was subtly affecting my perceptions, making them cynical and pessimistic.

I was able to enjoy meeting with the small delegation from a growing movement of newly awakened young starseeds but unable to join them with any physical activity. A beloved friend came to hang out and brought her favorite seafood noodles for lunch. Against my better judgment and my survival instincts, I ate her offering of yummy mussels & vermicelli - and, true enough, it exacerbated the swelling in my right foot!

After the guests left, I woke up and when I attempted to clear some mucus from my lungs, I felt my lower back go out of alignment. In March 2011, in conjuction with the abrupt disappearance from my radar of someone I believed to be my "twin flame," I pulled a nerve in a coughing fit and for the next couple of years suffered bouts of intense lower back pain. It took almost a whole year and more than RM10,000 in 2013 to resolve the problem - first with acupuncture, then chiropractic adjustment, and finally ten sessions of structural integration (Rolfing) with my angelic healer friend, Michelle Ch'ng.

A large group had booked the Longhouse for the weekend and there was no way I could handle setting the place up for them.

I texted and Abigail came to my rescue, taking over Longhousekeeping chores and doing so with aplomb.

She did it so efficiently I began to contemplate letting her take over The Fusion Longhouse whenever I feel I deserve a break. Indeed, Abigail qualifies as the ideal locum: not only does she know what goes where, she can also cook up a storm and is an entirely sexy redhaired singing witch.

Meanwhile, good neighbor Mary came to my rescue with her healing energy, dressing the oozing wound on my foot and applying turmeric and an icepack to reduce the swelling.

Miraculously, Michelle Ch'ng showed up a couple of days later and gave me a 30-minute Rolfing session which enabled me to stand straight and walk normally - at least till the next day!

I've been recommending healing frequencies (lots of them to be found on YouTube) to many friends but this was the first time I was prompted to use them myself. They work best with headphones just before drifting to sleep. Believe me, the healing frequencies penetrate all your cells and bring tremendous, almost instant, relief. Toxic pharmaceutical products and fake vaccines will be a medical nightmare of the past when most humans opt for these far more civilized approaches to health. But most therapeutic of all were the impassioned backrubs with spicy essential oil offered by my beloved tantric partner and lifelong soulbuddy who also got me to buy some alcohol pads (never heard of them) to dry up the wound on my feet. After several sessions, the pain was all but gone - but I still have to be very careful not to get my spine out of whack again by carrying heavy loads.

1:11 am, 21 October 2021