Monday, December 13, 2021

STOP CALLING ME GOD! (a poem by Antares Maitreya)


I said, “Stop calling me God!”

But the frightened, confused fragments of Myself

Refused to listen or even hear.

So atomized have they been for so many cycles

They had long forgotten their own origins.

I opted then to address them not in words,

Nor in thought, for that requires language and speech,

But as epiphanies in moments of unguardedness –

As a honeyed fragrance upon a gentle breeze

Or the distant melody of a lifetime long unvisited.

In the course of linear time traversing ages, epochs, eternities

A few units of awareness began to fathom symmetries

And apparent synchronicities, and they began to perceive hidden geometries

In the subliminal architecture of form, informing the formless,

Inchoate and incoherent Primordial Chaos.

Order thus began to emerge within their apprehension,

Giving rise to general principles (albeit theoretical)

And then an eureka moment occurred, almost unexpectedly,

When a man – to be precise, a mathematician – named Mandelbrot

Discovered the fractal nature of all that exists and – voila – comprehension!

What were hitherto confused fragments of Myself

Realized themselves as dynamic fractals: kaleidoscopic, ceaselessly evolving

Sparks of the Sacred Flame, magnificent mandalas, increasingly conscious,

Gloriously, radiantly emanating, then coalescing into gravitational fields

From which spring a cosmic cornucopia of entities that eat and can be eaten.

Behold your essential and eternal flux from simplicity to complexity and back,

A neverending dance of interchangeable polarities, separating quick from dead,

Expanding and contracting to generate Breath, then Rhythm and Algorithm,

Then a mother’s heartbeat lulling you to dream awhile in the amniotic sac

Of your own nascent divinity.