Saturday, October 1, 2022

Paying homage to a planetary rainbow warrior dreamtime goddess

rainbow warrior
dreamtime goddess

she showed me her true colors:
i felt a delightful tingle 
of molecular excitement – electric!
& sensual in a long-forgotten
or just-remembered sense

those fluid lines & funky colors:
music to the eyes – they make one
realize what a spectacular gift 
SIGHT is! oh i feel like jumping up &
dancing to that happy/lively/friendly
pulsating energy

[she had come to me, you see, for “professional advice” on the production of this “promotional tool”]

i said:
you don’t need words to sell your
pictures, they have the power
to create their own demand

she said:
what do you see in my paintings?

[i smiled & handed her her “pound of words”]

for a start: the hologram of eve & 
evolution; primary waveforms, photons,
molecules, cells; also algae, germs,
sperms, worms & axolotls; snakes,
fishes (all shapes & sizes), birds, 
turtles, tetrahedral crystals &
quetzalcoatls (yes… the feathered
serpents of the aztecs!)

Piece by Dutch artist Corneille
@ Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo (1922–2010
elemental, rudimental, transcendental
micro-macro-cosmic fractal images
such as one may find in the mindscapes
of aboriginal magic art, punk 
guerrilla graffiti & some visionary
works by ernst, corneille, klee, miro
picasso, chagall et alia; or on
tibetan thangkas, guatemalan weavings,
precolumbian jugs & rugs

chromosomes at play:
highly neural (but unneurotic)
& erotic in a subliminal way –
none of that egocentric intellectualism
one finds in much of modern art –
do you know why this is so?

she said:
well, i was born in holland but
when i was 3 months old we moved
to curacao – i remember vividly
playing in the sea! later i shifted 
to the desert & recently i experienced
the malaysian jungle – i like 

i said:
do you mind being called a planetary
rainbow warrior dreamtime  goddess?

she laughed
with childlike innocence
& the wisdom of the ancients


kit leee
(antares maitreya)

magick river
kuala kubu bharu
july 1994