Friday, April 3, 2020

Countdown to Galactic Alignment (repost)

The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology by José Argüelles (Bear & Co.,1986) was one book that turned me on and boggled my mind for years. It was Dr Argüelles's brilliant interpretation of the Mayan calendar codes that alerted a large portion of the English-speaking world to the idea of a galactic civilization leaving durable clues for a future Earth humanity to decode and decipher, and which catalyzed what was popularly known as the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17, 1987.

Mayan scholars have disagreed on precisely when Linear Time will end, as measured by the Mayan Sacred Calendar, or Tzolk'in. Some, like Argüelles and John Major Jenkins, have calculated that the final date shown on the Tzolk'in falls on 21 December 2012. Others, like Carl Johan Calleman, have deemed that reckoning to be inaccurate, announcing the End of Linear Time as 28 October 2011. Calleman may well be correct, but I prefer the poeticism of celebrating Galactic Alignment on the solstitial date of 21 December 2012. Not that it makes any huge difference to us.

Now what happens when the center of our Sun aligns with the Galactic Core? John Major Jenkins, in his seminal work, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, asserts that the very heart of the Milky Way galaxy is a vast Black Hole - a Cosmic Cunt, in effect, the Mahayoni, Mystery of Mysteries, the Vast Vulva from which all Life, as we know it, originally issued. Each time Galactic Alignment occurs, a whole new reality is born.

I find that extremely exciting. Especially since Galactic Alignment is due within five years, whichever calendar date one prefers. Let's consider the implications of this phrase: A WHOLE NEW REALITY IS BORN.

Does it involve the death of the Old Reality? Or is it more of a cosmic-scale transformation, wherein the Old Paradigm is subsumed by the New Paradigm - just as maturity subsumes immaturity? Youth doesn't die in us when we become adults, it simply assimilates the new experience and, hopefully, gains wisdom.

Looking at the holographic world through the mainstream media filters of CNN and the BBC, it doesn't look like humanity is going to attain maturity anytime soon - not when we persist in squandering the bulk of our energy and resources in lethal brinkmanship and atavistic warlordism. The Military Solution, huh? Dissolution, more aptly. Win-Lose is a stupid concept, and No-Win is far worse. The only way to go is Win-Win.

Unfortunately, politics has never been a game of Win-Win, and few politicians make it to high office who sincerely believe that cooperation is a superior strategy to competition. In effect, the political solution does not exist, since it ultimately falls back on military might - brawn over brains, shock and awe the enemy into submission.

That leaves us only one option: quantum-jumping our own consciousness beyond artificial barriers and limits. In short, bypassing the corrupt priesthood and merging directly with God(dess)head!

How does one achieve this? Stay tuned and...


Happy Solstice, Folks.

[First posted 22 December 2006]