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This Has NOTHING To Do With Religion! (repost)

From Malaysiakini, 13 Jan 2009

I was absolutely flabbergasted when I read this report in Malaysiakini a few minutes ago. This can't be happening, I thought. It's certainly one of the most absurd - nay, insane - things I've come across thus far outside of Nigeria, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia.


Can't stand the taste of beer myself but I have lots of friends of all colors and creeds who drink - and not one of them is remotely a "bad" person just because they enjoy a couple of beers.

What's going on here is the ugly face of a dying patriarchy, trying to scare people into obedience to benighted, irrelevant, meaningless and barbaric laws invented by the falsely pious for the sole purpose of controlling others.

The question that springs to mind is this: if we're going to practise "tough love" in the interest of running "a tight ship" - then why not cane those found guilty of wilfully destroying the environment for private profit? Or those who have been caught demanding kickbacks and bribes? These are far more serious crimes, with long-term negative consequences that affect the entire nation.

Beer-swigging Muslims are in the same category as pot-smoking teenagers. They number in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. There aren't enough canes to go around if we're going to start caning every "offender." The National Fatwa Council could advise all Muslims who prefer to imbibe Al-Kohol rather than Al-Koran to keep a cane handy with which to flagellate themselves when they go home. Nevertheless, I think the hangover from overindulgence suffices as punishment.

Every Muslim on this planet has a sacred duty to speak out and defend the honor and integrity of his or her faith from being so hideously besmirched by fundamentalist bigots and time-warped fanatics such as those who advocate corporal punishment for activities some people deem pleasurable and which don't actually cause any harm to anybody (except to their own health if done in excess).

The worst disease plaguing humanity has always been the deformed consciousness of rabid control freaks who hide behind the fa├žade of "morality" in their obscene lust for power over others.

I'd rather be in the company of a boisterous platoon of beer-drinkers than spend even one minute with any human whose worldview resembles that of a Spanish Inquisitor.

May God in her wisdom terminate once and for all the bloodlines of these hypocritical killjoys - unless their children end up marrying Germans.

So be it!

I know it's another nine months to Oktoberfest but after reading that ludicrous news report I just have to soothe my nerves with some gratuitous images of buxom beer-swilling Bavarian beauties. Prost!

[First posted 14 January 2009] 


Azer Mantessa said...

scary pics in the beginning but thanks to the octoberfest chicks ... ermmmmm ... hehehe

ladies ... bend forward ... just bend forward :-)

sorry ... can't help it ... hehe

okay ... regarding the issue which i'm not so much knowlegdeable on how seriously muslim and alcoholism problems ... but a friend of mine did suggest this kind of punishment while we were talking some years ago (we were just talking) ... he noticed that bribery and alcoholism and womanizing ... related well among his fellow muslims friends.

still, no matter what cause muslims to consume alcohol or take bribery or wamanizing etc ... it's the lack of ability to diffenriate between right and wrong and stuffs.

(for personal use ... hehe) saved the last picture ... hope you dun mind :-)

Anonymous said...

Er.. actually a bit of alcohol daily is beneficial for health; even my dad's doctor advised him (my dad) to consume little amount of alcohol before going to bed..

Anonymous said...

Drink alcohol is haram for Muslims. Please do not interfere with any Islamic Rules and Regulations.. This is what already stipulated in the Holy Quran. We are the Muslims warn you who intent to interfere with our true religion.. Paradise is for us, Hell is for Kafiir eternally..Ya Allah please give us the strength to face this world before we are brought to Akhirat.Amiin.

Anonymous said...

Who are these self appointed sanctimonius control freaks?.... The answer just came to me! Who wants to scare some of the good people of Bright Rainbow town by example ...and doesn't the word alcohol have its roots in the ancient Arabic language?xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you Antares!

I have always believed that any institution or belief that attempts to induce fear, shame or guilt isn't worth believing in at all!

Alcohol and natural drugs (Cannabis, DMT, Ayahuasca, Salvia, Mescaline, etc.) should never be considered bad because there is absolutely nothing wrong with these stuff.

Give a German a beer and he says it’s a source of merriment, happiness and a good ice-breaking tool - to keep the party going and the people lively.

Give a Muslim a beer and he says its haram, immoral, gives way to deviant acts, crimes and it should never be consumed.

But, in reality, Beer is merely fermented wheat, barley, malt and water. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Beer/Alcohol is completely innocent.

It's the PEOPLE you have to be concerned about. It is what people do after they get drunk that we must look out for. Don't penalise Beer, penalise the guy who causes harm to others after consuming Beer.

Besides, what good is it if a guy can shout and scream about Islam but later embezzle money from the nations funds and destroy the environment that his God created?

Also, alcohol came from the Earth just like Cannabis and other natural drugs. Wouldn't it be logical to say that to make something Natural haram or wrong would be going against God and his creations on Earth?

Starmandala said...

Azer - Patriarchy is reactionary, regressive & anal retentive (hence its puerile obsessions with anuses, shit & whacking bottoms) - it's called "toilet training" and all of us were exposed to it in our early childhood. However, as we begin to acknowledge, appreciate & reintegrate our feminine aspect, our worldview blossoms like a flower and we experience mental freedom for the first time.

Without mental freedom there can be no creativity, only destructivity. That's why, as a faithful Galactic Agent of Gaia I'm duty bound to shine a spotlight on something as dark, sinister & evil as this obscene & perverted attempt by purulent, demonically possessed souls to deny an entire race its Godgiven right to dignity, free will & the option to think for itself.

It doesn't matter what race or what religion condones caning for such petty "transgressions" (which aren't at all transgressions in view of the far more destructive things humans do in the name of religion). I personally believe alcohol is a boring low-altitude high that turns most men boorish & stupid - even if a few (like Norman Mailer) INSIST it clarifies their thought processes. However, I would never ban or criminalize any human weakness - because that will only make the addiction more appealing & further entrench the problem.

Incidentally, I lived for a spell with a Bavarian princess who wasn't into beer, buxom though she be - & never got inducted into the Cult of Oktoberfest though I was living in Munich where the best German breweries are located.

Anon @ 11:25AM - If you have a healthy attitude EVERYTHING is good for you, provided you avoid overdoing it! Don't need a doctor to tell you that :-)

Anon @ 12:09PM - Please lah! I can tell you're actually a courteous, decent chap who simply happens to have swallowed your early religious indoctrination hook, line & sinker (& haven't begun to question it, as everybody will sooner or later). I pray your own awakening from dogmatic robotism will happen sooner rather later. The world loves & welcomes good people like you who can think clearly, freely & openly beyond the taboo zones of Bangsa & Agama.

AmpangDude - Thanks for defending the right to alter your own consciousness however you see fit - even if it's only a gesture of teenaged rebellion! The day will dawn when we will all wake up each morning naturally high from simply Being Alive... but meanwhile, as the sage John Lennon once sang: "Whatever gets you through the night/It's all right/It's all right!"

Knights Templar said...

After reading this ... i am speechless ...angry ...and all sorts of mixed confused emotions...i'm off for A BEER ! sigh...

Lisa Lee said...

I pity and sympathize with those poor people that got caned... Sigh~

Starmandala said...

Knights Templar - I'm sending a low-grade clone after you with a rotan. Might as well get it over with quickly! :-)

Lisa - It's bad enough to whack young children on the backside, but to treat grown-ups like errant kids... that's how the "evil priesthood" infantilizes the masses... so they can keep pulling the spiritual wool over their eyes!

Jarod said...

Frankly,a person who drink beer is the person freedom.

And to deal with the HARAM of drinking it, it should be the person who drink it to FACE ALLAH in the next life.

I do not think by canning the person can evict the SIN or fault in his/her body after drinking the sinful drink of his life. After all, this is a human rules. Allah will judge the person again. Not HUMAN! Period.

Pat said...

I lift my gin-martini to you in salute!

To me, a pagan tree-worshipper, religion is between you and your god. It's no one else's business - unless you're hurting someone else. I see no one 'else' hurt here.

This was too sad lah.