Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bob Proctor presents "The Secret Science of Getting Rich"!

Bob Proctor is undoubtedly among the most charismatic and persuasive public speakers alive. I bet he can sell sand to a thirsty man lost in the Sahara! Bob was in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, presenting his soon-to-be unveiled pet project: The Secret Science of Getting Rich home seminar program (or SGR for short). Priced at $2000, this state-of-the-art home seminar program certainly doesn't come "cheap" - but some folks are quite happy to fork out $100,000 for a fancy car, or spend $1 million on "educating" their kids abroad. Look at it this way: for 2000 bucks you can buy this program for your kid and maybe it will prove precisely the high-powered, high-tech tool he or she requires to become a millionaire before the age of 25! That's what I'd call a damn good return on your investment ;-)

I spent the first five decades of my life deliberately choosing to be indifferent to money (after all, I prided myself on being a "starving artist" :-)... and somehow I always had just enough to scrape by. However, two years ago, I suddenly realized that "scraping by" was no way I wanted to spend my "retirement"... I started looking at "successful" people in a kinder light, deciding I had a great deal to learn from them.

In other words, although I've been very fortunate to have so many good friends always offering to buy me lunch or dinner (and even breakfast ;-), it's about time I changed my mindset about money and started generating enough personal income to buy all my friends dinner instead. That's right, it may be a blessed thing to receive... but I feel it's far more blessed to be in a position to GIVE. Don't you agree? Find out more about SGR by clicking HERE!