Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hey, Ma, I've Joined The Secret Service...

From Anarcho-Communist to Born-Again Entrepreneur

I've done a lot of crazy things in my life. A few days ago I did another. I acted on a spur of the moment decision and became a member of the Secret Service. That's right, friends, I'm now a Secret Agent. And if you're among the millions who have been shown The Secret - the sensational smash-hit DVD that's now #1 at, you'll know what this really means. That's right, I'm now a born-again digital-age capitalist entrepreneur!

Those who have known me since my youthful days of transcendental rebellion will recall that my political stance was a solipsistic variation of anarcho-communism. I strongly believed in the value of Individual Freedom - while powerfully drawn to vague notions of egalitarianism, universal justice, and plain honesty. Lao-tzu said the best government is the least government. I still say self-government is the only tolerable form of government.

In later years this became a robust belief that one achieves the most by embodying one's ideals: that, essentially, we can only change from within. My life strategy was to minimize overheads and maximize my independence from compulsory routine and wage slavery; aspire towards a minimalist ecological footprint, attain optimum elegance and grace as I journey through life. In other words, consume less and produce more, give back as much as I take, at the very least. From that perspective I viewed a big fat bank account as irrelevant - even antagonistic - to my evolution as a conscious soul. Like many others mystically inclined, I valued the metaphysical above the physical. I embraced the abstract idea of limitless wealth without equating it to money, per se. Wealth means well-being, and I like the concept of "commonwealth" - wherein we instinctively recognize the synergetic advantages of win-win scenarios over win-lose or no-win - and therefore spontaneously choose to cooperate rather than compete.

But I was constantly frustrated by never having enough cash to fund my dreams.

In my more hot-headed days I could empathize with the militant anger of all those forced to play the part of "loser." It was easy to understand why some opt to destroy the stagnant Status Quo - rather than focus on creating a more dynamic, organic, and wholesome one.

I still feel it's far more aesthetic - and ethical - to find our pleasure in creative passion rather than consumptive greed. But folks who have to constantly worry about where their next meal is coming from are more likely to start evolving aesthetically and ethically only after their basic creature comforts are secured. In effect, once people feel truly abundant and fulfilled, it naturally follows that they will be attracted to nobler and subtler qualities.

Along comes the runaway success of The Secret - and, inspired by it, the Secret Science of Getting Rich. A few years ago, the idea of "getting rich" would have struck me as pretty vulgar. I'd have been embarrassed to even admit I was involved in some slick permutation of MLM. But the deed is done, the cash investment made. I can no longer blame Society, Bad Government, or Human Stupidity for my unimpressive bank balance. Net worth unknown. Potential unactualized. Dreams unfulfilled. Enough of that!

And so it makes perfect sense for me to consciously shift to a tack I have never before attempted: that is, to initiate income-raising ventures, rather than merely subsist on a few crumbs swept from the banquet table of the Rich, Famous, and Privileged. As Osho once sagely pointed out: communism and capitalism are two ends of the same stick. Or, rather, two ends of an energy loop. Without capital, what can a red-blooded commie share with his or her comrades - apart from doctrine and ideology? Any true-blue capitalist will tell you the only way wealth can be sustained is to keep redistributing it and let it circulate freely through the system. In that respect, the consummate capitalist becomes the ultimate communist.

Next time you bump into me, you'd better run - cause I'm gonna look and sound like an American snake-oil salesman. Nah.... just kidding. The only change you'll find is that I'll be a lot more aware of the thought-forms I'm running in my operating system ;-)