Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CONNIE TALBOT: 6-Year-Old Finalist on "Britain's Got Talent"

Connie's charm and talent alone are enough to restore one's optimism about the ultimate value of the human experiment!

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Anonymous said...

Connie may be too young but the whole world is waiting for a CD of hers right now. It would only be fair to Connie who’s dream it is to have her own CD released now and even more would it be VERY FAIR to the rest of the world that just cannot wait for a CD of this amazingly talented little girl.

WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU CONNIE !!! Go fot it. Even if you will wait (after this release) untill you are older before you persue a singing career.
We cannot wait to have your CD playing in our homes !!!

I’ve been recording amazing talent in my studio for quote a number of years now but have never come accross such beautiful talent than yours !!!

Johan Stoltz
+27 82 824 3275