Thursday, September 20, 2007


Gross! Pigged out last night on sautéed escargot and spinach.

"Gleen tea vely good for bad stomach," says Sinseh Ch'ng.

"Rather have peppermint," says Noseless Ned the Nerd.

"'Ere, mon, 'ave a spliff!" drawls Rufus da Rastaman.

"Thanks, bro! It's illegal in some places, y'know."

"Friend of mine got caught with a stash in Sing-Singapoo."

"Kids these days prefer to pop pills. They think it's cool."

"I'll stick with the chicks..."

"The Church does not condom premarital sects, you fornicators!"

"It's okay... I've been baptized!"

"My only sin is gluttony."

"Harro, my name... Lambo!"


"Oh, give me a break!"

Photos by Bayat aka Berge Gazen, a Turkish photographer whose versatile middle finger has a cult following. View more of his ingenious "Middleman" images here!