Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Finally I did it! I returned to the magickal Island of Bali after an absence of 26 years. It was only 5 days this time. In 1981 I was there for 5 weeks, and each day was a Technicolor dream overflowing with adventure, romance, and delicious sensations. I'm gathering my thoughts and feelings so I can blog in greater detail about the invigoration and inspiration I felt - but, meanwhile, I'll share some photos I took with my dinky digital camera (a Sony Cybershot, believe it or not!)...

In Bali you'll always find a majestic old tree beside every temple. This magnificent green sanctuary that had shaped itself into a perfect archway was spotted on my way to Ubud, just outside Batubulan (what a romantic name, Moonstone!).

On both sides of the road leading to Ubud you'll find the finest artisans in Asia, a rich legacy of the Majapahit Empire which produced stonemasons comparable to those that built Angkor Wat, Khajuraho, and Tiahuanaco.
A colossal statue, presumably of Rama, greets every visitor to Ubud
Painters, painters everywhere in Ubud; modern as well as traditional
Mask-makers too!
Member of the Balinese Royal Household at the Royal Temple in Ubud
Right: Ceremonial cow presides over ritual cremation of Balinese royalty.

Left: Five minutes outside the bustling tourist hub that Ubud has become, soothing sounds of running water and ducks romping in lush paddy-fields.

Women in Bentuyong, near Ubud, so alike the Orang Asli among whom I live
Hokkien chef in Ubud with two of his Balinese angel waitresses
Daily offerings to the Unseen Beings are an integral part of Balinese culture

[Originally posted 12 September 2007]


Fran said...

what lovely photos. i miss bali so much. i can't wait to go back in february. thank you

ib said...

lovely photos indeed. your photos give me a better understanding about Ubud from what i've read on i wish there are more photos from you.. ;)

YC said...

Yeah, Bali is one of the most romantic place I've visited. I especially love Ubud, although it doesn't have the beach-loving crowd, but its peaceful and quiet atmosphere, and not forgetting the delicious food makes it an unforgettable stay!

teohjitkhiam said...

Never had the pleasure of being to Bali myself. I kinda like the picture of those ducks waddling along amongst the green fields. There is a quality about it which really calls out to me.

Or I'm dreaming a little dream of roasted ducks...

Antares said...

Hi Teoh! Nice to see you here. You like roast duck eh? My friend's uncle in Bidor is in that line. I was very amused when she told me (in Cantonese) that Uncle Ho's job was to
"chook ngaap" :-)

Mick said...

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