Monday, March 10, 2008


Anwar Ibrahim's letter to all Malaysians was released on March 7th, the eve of the epochal GE12. I found it on Elizabeth Wong's blog and rather than reproduce the entire letter here, just click on this link!

There are many reasons why I am voicing my support of Anwar Ibrahim's political comeback via Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) which as of today will lead a vigorous, newly elected parliamentary opposition.

My instincts tell me Anwar Ibrahim is a man of destiny and fully deserves our wholehearted support - but for now I am content to just let Anwar speak for himself.

I congratulate all Malaysians who voted with a vengeance on March 8th to foil BN's elaborate electoral fraud by the sheer force of their numbers.

Bravo, everybody! This has truly been a victory for People Power and I have never felt so optimistic about my country for as long as I can remember.

Before I sign off I just want to say to Dr M: you may be a cunning old crocodile but you are totally lacking in wisdom and humility. You were the one who sodomized Malaysia, not Anwar!


Martin Bradley said...

.......And if I were able to vote - I'm not as I am not allowed to even be a resident in this country - I too would have voted for the opposition.

Here in Perak, today, we see widespread looting by the BN/UMNO brigade - one community hall near us has been ransacked with computers etc stolen before DAP are able to take over. Now is this FOR or on BEHALF of the Rakyat?

Starmandala said...

Kepimpinan melalui tauladan (Leadership by example). Remember that old BN slogan we used to see everywhere...until somebody must have pointed out the irony inherent in that statement. Well, if Malaysia under the BN has become a nation of conmen, gangsters, rapists, pirates, loan sharks, hooligans, contractors and loggers turned Tan Sris, and rabid racists... then we need only scrutinize the leadership under Umno for tell-tale signs of those criminal behaviors. It doesn't require faith. Change the leader and the entire community will change. An honest and noble king watches peacefully over an honest and noble kingdom. Malaysia is blessed with many such leaders - but all the good ones have long abandoned or been thrown out of Umno, leaving nothing but cosmic debris. Leaders like Kit Siang, Karpal and their progeny have proven over four decades that they
generally do walk their talk and are therefore more than likely to continue to do so even when they unexpectedly find themselves in the power seat at long blessed last.

Martin Bradley said...

On Saturday 8th March 2008 a margin of hope was sparked across Malaysia by the outstanding progress the opposition parties had made against intransigent government forces.

Amongst the reverie and excitation a new dawn seemed to glimmer on Malaysia’s political horizon. The dark clouds of cronyism and nepotism, seen hanging over Malaysia over the past few years, appeared to move slightly in the breeze of change engendered by a salvo of public opinion.

At present the breeze will only ruffle feathers and maybe bring a few durians down on some people’s heads, but should this momentum continue for the next few years it promises to be the maelstrom much needed to bring a permanent change for this green and endearing land.

With the maelstrom will come the much needed rain to give sustenance to this country and a pleasant cleansing rain where negativity, oppression and egocentric small-mindedness will be swept away to herald in the brilliant future Malaysia much deserves.

Hope, hard work and community spirit will return to transform Malaysia, already being highlighted by faint rays of the new dawn, into the once proud and prosperous nation it deserves to be, once again holding its head high in the global family as the noble soul it already is.

Saturday was but the beginning, the Rakyat and those that govern must now take the next step to consolidate on the gains already made by the bravery and courageousness of the people and the new leaders.

It will be a time of hope but with that comes responsibility, the responsibility for the people to ensure that the old ways of bribery and corruption are left behind and the path of honesty and truthfulness is taken instead - then and only then will The New Dawn really arrive.

Anonymous said...

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