Saturday, March 8, 2008


OUT! I solemnly swear I have NEVER once voted for the arrogance, mediocrity and stupidity that BN represents. And I sincerely hope that every Malaysian who voted today shares my feelings and voted BR!

I voted for an end to a corrupt, inefficient, politically biased and kurang ajar police force.

I voted for an end to crooked judges, capitalist cronies, and sleazy lawyers.

I voted for an end to complacent, smug and useless Elections Commission chairmen like Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman whose every word and deed reveals him to be an Umno supporter.

I voted for an end to slimeball attorney-generals like Abdul Gani Patail and disreputable Inspectors-General of Police like Musa Hassan (both promoted for their respective roles in convicting and jailing Anwar Ibrahim on Dr M's instructions).

I voted for an end to high-level ministerial kickbacks and scandalous misbehavior that have tarnished the name of my country and brought shame upon us all.

I voted for an end to disgraceful hooliganism at Umno General Assemblies with stupid keris-waving displays by dangerous airheads like Hishamuddin Hussein and Khairy Jamaluddin. I voted Barisan Rakyat today because I love Malaysia too much to see it destroyed by a bunch of megalomanic, myopic, and moronic descendants of pirates.