Friday, May 2, 2008


Breaking news on Malaysiakini, 2 May 2008

I will attest that since November 2006 when the explosive news of Altantuya Shaariibuu's grisly murder stunned the nation and raised eyebrows around the world, there hasn't been a single person I've met and discussed the case with who has not expressed disgust and incredulity at the grotesque cover-up that has protected Defence Minister and DPM Najib Razak and his wife from being included in the police investigation and trial.

There have been a few who, not wishing to jump to hasty conclusions, have stopped short of accusing Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor of complicity in Altantuya's abduction, killing and "burial" by C4 explosives. Nevertheless, I doubt there is a single justice-loving Malaysian who does not desire to see an end to high-level cover-ups of serious crimes in this country, involving the Attorney-General's office and the Royal Malaysian Police.

This is, in fact, one of the key factors of voters' unhappiness with the Barisan Nasional administration that led to its virtual annihilation at the recent elections. Until and unless we stop playing political games by harassing whistleblowers and truthspeakers and clean up the criminal excesses that have characterized decades of BN misrule, Malaysians will not let the present administration off the hook.

I hereby publicly declare that I fully support Raja Petra Kamarudin's cyber-campaign to see justice done in the Altantuya case. Although all evidence uncovered and revealed thus far points conclusively at the Defence Minister and his wife's personal complicity in the crime, I will not say so in print. However, I would like it on the public record that I vehemently feel that Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor must be included as key witnesses in the trial. Otherwise the public's current perception that the Altantuya trial is indeed a time-wasting merry-go-round and a travesty of justice will remain unchanged.

All talk about cleaning up our tainted judiciary will be just that and nothing more - unless something significant changes in the conduct of the Altantuya trial. Judicial reform must begin here and now with this high-profile and pivotal case.

May I suggest that the police launch an investigation against everyone in Malaysia who has publicly expressed the opinion that Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor ought to be summoned as key witnesses and cross-examined. They would have to arrest the whole population to silence us on this issue!



Anonymous said...

Yeah, the police can do whatever they want. But remember not only all Malaysian are watching but the whole world and God too!

Somehow i got the feeling we are a "police" state. Sad la!

Anonymous said...

I want to believe the Police Force as a whole is trying their best to do their job.

Ten years ago when the house where i rented a room got burglared, they responded quickly to our SOS.

I believed they also need to follow instructions from their bosses and their bosses need to take instructions from their "political masters". So unless these "political masters" is "changed" I doubt the police force can perform their duties professionally no matter what

Starmandala said...

Alan, thanks for both your comments. To clean up the PDRM around 300 senior officers will have to be replaced, starting with the IGP. This, however, does not exonerate the rank and file for behaving like zombie stormtroopers. Nobody can brainwash you and turn you into a robot without your agreement and cooperation. By the same token, you might argue that all the troops sent into another country to bully the people and colonize the land cannot be held responsible for their misdeeds - only their commanders are culpable.

Ultimately, the behavior of the police directly reflects on the quality of the Home Minister. I pity the fella.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

If u were arrested & charged with conspiracy to murder and u are held in prisionfor trial, would u be able to have your people{under legal so called} come to see u, five days a week{ regulations - once a week}, sign vouchers,cheques, letters,documents?
Well, I can say for sure you cannot
UNLESS u are a somebody, or you have the clout!

Starmandala said...

Jeyapalan, the first and only time I was admitted to a hospital (for a whole week) was 51 years ago for a tonsillectomy - and I have never seen the inside of a courtroom. This is a track record of which I am understandably proud and I intend to keep things that way. Yes, I've heard reports that Abdul Razak Baginda has set up an office in prison. What do you expect? It's part of his "remuneration" (apart from his infamous RM520 million commission from the French submarine deal) for playing the role of Najib Razak's "evil twin."

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Re your reply to Jeyapalan's comment:
I see the insides of courtrooms at least 4 days a week and communicate a lot with members of the police force. Deep down inside, most of our men in blue are just trying their best to do their job and provide for their families. They don't often understand that they have free will and would rather not have to make a choice. They are happy to be given instructions and would not say no a bit of duit kopi. But as I said, deep down inside, they are okay. At the core, most people are good and are just doing their best to get by. People are often insecure, ignorant or fearful. Rarely deliberately evil.

Feel free to disagree.

Starmandala said...

Covert Operations 78, I don't disagree with you at all. In fact, your comment is a timely reminder to us all that even in the heat of passion, one must always remember the "other" is really just "another ourself" - or "In Lak'ech" as the Maya say when they greet each other.

In this respect, I confess that Najib, Rosmah, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, even Mahathir Mohamad, are ultimately aspects of my Occult Self - they exist to reflect back to me my own "shadow side" (yes, we are all Smeagols and Gollums!) After all, how many of us are trained contortionists with the ability to inspect our own anuses?