Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Adapted from an anonymous tract, 
expanded upon & illustrated by ANTARES © 1994
First posted 19 August 2008


joolee said...

oh, this is so brilliantly funny. please, may i share this with my friends on facebook?

LynMay said...

Hahahahahha.. this is indeed very good SHIT :D

Donplaypuks® said...


Inspired by your shit, here's some political poo:-

UMNo - That’s only 30% shit
MCA - We control all the economic shit and the piles that go with it
MIC - We used to carry all the shit
GERAKAN - We’ll have none of that ‘behind the rubber-trees’ shit
PPP - We only have the Stephen’s Korner shit left to fight over now
DAP - The Bukit China shit will stay where it is
PAS - No Federal Govt shit for us
PKR - We are the new shit on the block
IPF - The shit’s in the coffin
Hindraf - Let the Queen pay for the shit
Bar Council - None of that
‘behind closed-doors’ shit, please
UITM - None of that 10% shit, please
Lord Lingham - Looks like shit, smells like shit and feels like shit, but I can’t confirm.
Sighfool - That’s no shit without DNA test
Jessica Alba - It’s consensual shit

lol !!

Starmandala said...

To Joolee: sure, go ahead and share on facebook, bring more traffic to my blog! :-)

To all the other coprophiliacs - my favorite theory of Spontaneous Creation is that God was all alone in the Great Void and began eating all the time to stave off boredom... eventually it had to come out the Other End... POOOOOOOOOOOOT!... like so, and that's what scientists call the Big Bang, but to be honest it was just a Big Shit.

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

This is good shit.

The Realist: Someone has to clean this shit up.

The Communist: Everyone is shit anyway.

The Matrix: There is No Shit.

The Exhibitionist: Look at my Shit

The Pessimist: There is only Shit for me.

The Optimist: This shit will stop someday.

The Fatalist: The shit is coming, the shit is coming.

The Creationist: No God, No Shit.

And Finally from Yoda, Jedi Master: Shit is with you, Always.

Starmandala said...

Very useful addendum, Gerald! :)