Saturday, September 6, 2008

When "Damage Control" Does Even More Damage...

Look what I found today on MarGeeMar's blog ;-)

Unfortunately the aspiring "doctor" was not smart enough and overlooked these things in his scam:

1. The domain was registered by someone in Penang who originally gave his address as Sungai Dua, Pg. (This detail has since been removed from the Whois record of the domain name.)

2. The domain is parked at the nameservers of a web development company in Bukit Mertajam (how convenient); the site was probably developed by the same company,

3. Domains's IP address is and IP location: Selangor - Puchong - Telekom Multimedia Of Telekom Malaysia Berhad

4. Most of the text on the EUT site has been "borrowed," i.e. STOLEN from several other legitimate sites e.g. Honolulu University

Here is just ONE example. Compare the text on these two sites: EUT and Honolulu University.

Just in case, the aspiring doctor (who did complete his SPM by the way) decides to pull the plug on his website, you can see the Google cache of the site here while it is still available!


And it comes with a fake "Certificate of Incorporation"!

Arif, oh Arif... kesian betul! If you don't mind my asking: Do you recall when was the last time you saw your own willy?

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Donplaypuks® said...

Yeah, I read it too at margeemar's.

How low down can anyone get? Don't they realise that in this day of www most info on tertiary qualification can be verified at source? And then to forge a whole www to try and fool people? And when caught with his pants down, he claimed he forgot that he'd withdrawn from his Phd course.

That's like forgetting where your tube is when you want to pee (ther's me being priapic again!!).

Can you imagine if such a dishonest person were actually elected an MP or is this the standard that is already extant and expected in the coalition.

To say it is a shameful and a disgrace would be an understatement of the nth (phd)degree!!