Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Musical Interlude Amidst The Explosions

"A Hiding Place for the Moon" - an original song by Antoine Dufour on his CD Existence available at, Amazon, and iTunes.

Antoine Dufour (born in L'Épiphanie, Quebec) is a French-Canadian acoustic guitarist currently signed to CandyRat Records. Dufour started playing guitar at the age of fifteen. He went on to study at the CEGEP in Joliette, where he listened to the music of Leo Kottke, Don Ross, and Michael Hedges at the behest of his teacher. Since then, he has gone on to place second at the 2005 Canadian Guitar Festival's Fingerstyle Guitar Championship and first place in the 2006 competition. He also placed third at the 2006 International Finger Style Guitar Championship in Winfield, Kansas.

Dufour has released three solo albums to date: Naissance, Development, and Existence.

[Discovered this consummate guitarist-composer through pure serendipity!]


Anonymous said...


His introduction with the use of harmonics is simply brilliant giving it such a surrealistic feel and the tonal quality of his slow but gradual pick-up of his motif creates the ambiance that provides shades of lyrical brilliance with the rhythmic pattern that is mystical and yet full of expectation of something more...

Ecstatically beautiful! I must say his acoustic guitar has such a ethereal tonal quality!!Thanks for sharing this with us. What a fantastic performance!

Pat said...

Hello dahlink!

I'm sorry this piece is not quite my cup of margarita lah ;)

Let me share the kinda stuff I like:

Queen n
Bohemian Rhapsody


Starmandala said...

Aha, Paula the English teacher & closet concert pianist in action! What struck me was the total unexpectedness of my "discovering" this music video while following a link to I clicked on the "sandbox" feature (which allows you to fool around with the wiki edit tools to learn how to use them)... and this video was sitting there, asking me to CLICK PLAY & be astounded by Dufour's Gallic lyricism melded with absolute precision & technique. Hearing this piece right after reading the news about the horrendous carnage in Mumbai was immensely therapeutic.

Pat - Ha ha ha! I can just see you clad entirely in black leather on a 750cc bike charging down the expressway with Knights Templar :-)

Was never overly fond of Queen myself (bunch of conservatorium trained musicians venturing into bigtime showbiz very successfully) but appreciated their virtuosity & verve. Tell you who I used to really get off on back in the early 1970s... GONG! Ever heard of them? :-)

Anonymous said...


LOL! Closet concert pianist :-p In my younger days, I loved such pieces and also anything ala Simon and Garfunkel or James Taylor; then I progressed to Deep Purple (I taught my son how to play Smoke on the water :-) and moved on the the jazzier things in life ...But you are right in that the piece is calmingly therapeutic..

Your write up on GONG is excellent! My younger boy found the first piece 'strange' - his exact words but I reckon Gong's music sort of grows on you. The ones who impacted me the MOST in life were the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Lennon and America.

Again, I look forward to the day when we can jam will come...:-)



Woweee...I can imagine you on that bike charging up and down with Chuan and ...LOL! And yes, I LOVE Bohemian Rhapsody too!


Pat said...

Hokay Unka Ant!

The first song 'Est-ce que je suis' is so aptly named, cos memang that was what I was thinking me self! The 'Owly Song' was totally beyond me.

But I can so see you enjoying this :)

Me? I couldn't rightly name the kind of music I like; eclectic would be the best cop out I can think of.

I was no biker girl! And I discoverd Queen later, not when they were at their peak. And I actually prefer cover versions of all their songs! Hahaha! How sacrilegioous is that? The best version of 'Rhapsody' I've heard was by someone called Suzie MacNeil, on Rockstar Inxs!!!

SO: We have a problem, bud! What're we gonna sing when I get there?


Chuan? Hahahah! I'll tell him ;) Give him some ideas, ya?


alan said...

Very well done. I'd only add one comment on the Mark David Chapman connection. Chapman was sent to kill Lennon not just because of Lennon's general anti-militarism. He was seen as a threat to the just-getting-launched wars of counterrevolution in Central America. For more information, visit