Tuesday, November 25, 2008

THOU SHALT NOT YOGA? Whaddafatwa...... is this the Umno Inquisition?

Walksi just posted a side-splitting brain-gratifying analysis of the national fatwa epidemic. I suggest you read it at his blog, myAsylum.

Having viewed this classic Monty Python skit Walksi posted, I just had to treat myself to a few more - and do you the favor of providing a YouTube link where you can spend a very flatulent afternoon revisiting some unforgettable moments in Advanced Pythonology.

And just for good measure, I feel it's high time Malaysia had its own Ministry of Silly Walks...


Anonymous said...

Antares my dear,

You will definitely kill me with your rib-cracking tongue-in-cheek humor!!!

Gosh! I needed to LAUGH!!! Thanks a lot! Most cathartic!

hugs :-)

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! That's really cool. The Ministry of Silly Walks! Wonder who would be the best candidate to head this ministry in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Well, we already have a minister of Silly Talks in our Al Blur, so a ministry of Silly Walks is only a natural progression

Nameless Fool said...

LoL, Anon, that'll be the time for them to Walk the Talk, or in this case Silly Walk the Silly Talk.

Knights Templar said...

Quit your day job man ,join indy and allan.