Saturday, November 15, 2008

Police Nab Paula @ Penang Candle Vigil!

The optimist may see a light where there is none...

... but why must the pessimist always run and blow it out?

Quote from René Descartes (1596-1650)

The Candlelight Vigil in Penang tonight was apparently a great success, despite the heavy police presence. After it was over and people were slowly dispersing, the emcee of the event, Ms Paula Khoo, was quietly arrested by six police officers shortly after she led the crowd with a rendition of Sing a Song of Freedom. She was taken to the Patani Road station where, even as I write, she is waiting to record her statement (see Anil Netto's blog for more details).

It seems the heavy-handed police action in Petaling Jaya last week brought on so much flak they have changed tactics. Now they're zooming in on the coordinator(s) in a desperate attempt to persuade the public to quit protesting against cruel laws, corruption, and a morally bankrupt BN administration.

I appreciate their treating Ms Khoo with a measure of courtesy (they allowed her to use her mobile and offered her a drink) - but I would appreciate it a lot more if the local CPOs could show some independent-mindedness and simply refuse to deploy valuable manpower and resources just to intimidate the rakyat. Be bold. Tell your IGP to balik kampung and take it easy before he has a fatal heart attack. If you get the sack, take a vacation. You'll get your job back plus a promotion when Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government. Very soon... sooner than you expect!
Paula Khoo had expressed to me her premonition of "trouble" and her understandable apprehension about coordinating the Saturday night Candlelight Vigil at the Esplanade. During the course of promoting the event and encouraging her friends to attend, she was further disheartened by the hesitation, uncertainty, and fearful vagueness so many displayed.

And yet she went ahead with it. Because she is a spiritually awakened soul and she knows that false piety and hypocrisy serves nobody, least of all, God. Paula is one brave and funky woman who walks her talk in faith. She has had her baptism of fire and is permanently free from the Matrix of Oppression artificially generated by demonically possessed souls to maintain their own power at the people's expense. Paula, I dub thee Queen of the Vampire Slayers! I assure you, all justice-loving, uncorrupted Malaysians will support you every way we can.