Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Those who wield the ISA are the REAL terrorists!

"Prisoner of War" - courtesy of Capt. Mike McGrath, USN (Ret.)

IT's INCOMPREHENSIBLE to me why anybody in their right mind and senses would endorse a piece of legislation as abominable, barbaric, cruel, and patently tyrannical as the Internal Security Act 1960.

According to Wikipedia, the original Emergency Regulations Ordinance 1948 was enacted "following the proclamation of an emergency by British High Commissioner Sir Edward Gent. It allowed the detention of persons for any period not exceeding one year. The 1948 ordinance was primarily made to counter acts of violence and, conceivably, preventive detention was meant to be temporary in application. The emergency ended in 1960 and with it ended the powers contained in that ordinance... The power of preventive detention was, however, not relinquished and, in fact, became an embedded feature of Malaysian law."

"Solitary Confinement" - courtesy of the Burlington County Prison Museum

In the first place, you can't arrest, torture, imprison or destroy an idea or vision - and those are the most dangerous threats to the status quo. You can arrest, beat up, attempt to brainwash, or burn at the stake someone who speaks of freedom, justice and truth - but his or her ideas will remain elusive, floating around freely in the collective psyche, ready to infect any number of human agents, regardless of artificial boundaries, beyond the confines of space and time.

The most you can achieve - if you happen to be an egoically insecure, pathologically paranoid, and pathetically ham-handed panjandrum (someone like Lord Farquaard in Shrek, perhaps, or Hamid Albar the Malaysian home minister) - is to force the subversive idea underground, where it will hibernate during the long winter of public discontent, only to germinate anew at the first signs of spring. And, because ideas are deathless and indestructible, and totally unbound by spacetime considerations, they invariably triumph over those who desperately cling to power and privilege.

Let's deconstruct the flabby reasoning that underpins the wicked and repugnant ISA.

The British Military Administration of Malaya found itself at odds with the Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) at the end of the Japanese Occupation in September 1945. The MPAJA consisted mostly of hardcore members of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) which had been on the scene, though not legally recognized, since 1930. Taking its cue from the Singapore-based Nanyang Community Party, the MCP's operational front was linked with the growth of trade unions. When the British refused MCP members who had fought a guerrilla war against the Japanese a well-deserved political stake in Malaya, the MPAJA became the Malayan People's Anti-British Army (MPABA) and continued their armed struggle, this time against the British Military Administration. That was when the Emergency Regulations Ordinance was introduced, which later became the Internal Security Act.

The Communist bogeyman was a Frankenstein's monster created in the secret laboratory of the New World Order Illuminati - an elite cabal of high-ranking Freemasons who, for centuries, have plotted totalitarian control of the planet and all her inhabitants by staking out monopolies on energy, mass media, education and religious indoctrination via mafia-like control of national governments.

Just as parents are in the habit of using scare tactics to control their kids' behavior, invisible governments have always relied on the formula whereby they create a problem that causes the masses to react in fear; and then offer the solution "for their own protection." For a classic study of this devious methodology, research Operation Gladio. More recently, the 9/11 atrocities served as a cover for the oligarchs to step up and accelerate the New World Order project.

The proverbial man-in-the-street is deliberately kept too busy dodging potholes, bad drivers, snatch thieves and collapsing banks to take time out, climb a hill, look around, and see the big picture. So, for generations, we have been told to watch out for those evil Communists. Now that the Soviet Union no longer exists and China has become more capitalist-than-thou, the puppet masters have come up with a convenient new bogeyman - the Islamofascist Terrorist! In Malaysia, we have an even scarier bogeyman called the Anwarista - somebody determined to remove Umno from power and implement genuine reforms!


First you pick a bunch of oppressed and underprivileged youth. They could be underpaid migrant workers or slum kids from broken homes or hotheaded young fanatics from a religious school with a huge chip on their shoulder. Then you recruit them, feed them well, and convince them the only way they will ever see justice in this world is through violence and armed revolution - and those who get killed fighting for their religion go directly to heaven. (Problem is, this sort of bogeyman won't cut it in Malaysia - so our local version is invariably "a threat to stability and national security" because he or she insists on organizing "illegal assemblies," forcing the police to set up roadblocks and teargas the protestors, which causes tempers to rise and is generally bad for the economy, not to mention "Malaysia's image.")

Some say the most successful recruiters for Palestinian suicide bombers happen to be Mossad agents who speak fluent Arabic and pose as jihad leaders linked with Al Qaeda (which is itself a bogeyman created and sponsored by the CIA).

In effect, the bogeyman serves one essential purpose: to disempower people through their own fear. And why would anyone wish to disempower the rakyat? Very simple: it's so much easier to steal from right under the noses of a fear-enfeebled rakyat, trembling in its own soiled pajamas. With enough control of the mass media, any government with larcenous intentions can put their victims into a hypnotic trance, paralyzed and powerless to act or retaliate while those in high office steal their children's futures. Indonesian housebreakers and robbers employ a low-tech version of this technique - they call it pukau.

I believe it was Osho (the erstwhile Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) who remarked that Capitalism and Communism are two ends of the same stick. To begin with, if you have no capital, what are you going to share with your neighbors? So, just like breathing in, we must go through a capitalist phase wherein we accumulate energy, knowledge, knowhow - and then, just like breathing out, we share it with our community - and from the word "community" comes the word "communist." So what's the big quarrel between Capitalism and Communism? A mere distraction from the psychic warfare that continues to rage between Prometheus the Titan and Zeus the Olympian (known to the Hebrews as Yahweh and to the Romans as Jove).

Here's an interesting footnote on Prometheus extracted from my book TANAH TUJUH: Close Encounters with the Temuan Mythos:
Prometheus: in Greek mythology a first-generation god (or Titan) of Fire and Intellect, who returned the gift of Fire to Mankind (which Zeus the second-generation Olympian had withheld) - and for that was chained to a rock and his liver devoured by an eagle every day. Every night, the liver would regenerate and Prometheus would come back to life, only to have the eagle eat his liver all over again, and so on, ad infinitum.

(It's less gory, but a lot scarier, when you approach this mythic morsel as a giant metaphor for compulsory reincarnation: Prometheus is the Soul, the rock is the physical world, the liver represents a lifetime, and the eagle is the emblem of Higher Authority or Spiritual Law. As a symbol, the eagle is interchangeable with the Indonesian garuda, the Chinese phoenix, the Mexican quetzal, or the Russian firebird, which represents Eternal Return. And Prometheus, the Fire-Bringer, is often identified with Lucifer, the Light-Bringer.) From the 'Management' point of view, Prometheus is a subversive element - but 'Labor' would see him as a cult hero, a freedom fighter, a System-bucking Little Red Robin Hood...
What happens to Capitalists who decide they've "worked hard" for their wealth and refuse to reinvest it in their own communities, preferring to hoard it all in Swiss banks and offshore accounts? Well, too much of a good thing invariably turns toxic and corrupts the soul. So be warned, all you Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and nouveau-riche Umnoputera: an excess of power, wealth and privilege will definitely be the death of you - and all the nasty laws you use to keep the rakyat fearful and ignorant.


de minimis said...


Another very solid and informative post. Good take on the historical context of the ISA. I was appalled at Dr M's cavalier statement that UMNO corrupters should be detained under the ISA. He's really demented to have said that. And, scary too at the emotionless way in which he said it.

I must say that the fat lady picture is a sure way to spoil my lunch! Can you PLEASE post more nubile and alluring women the next time. My human right to a good lunch demands it :D

Starmandala said...

CT - Ooops, I just called you a Communist Terrorist! Scratch that... from hereon CT stands for Capitalist Towkay... or Comedy Theatre! Thanks for being the first commenter. You're so right about Dr M's dementia (hardly "praecox" at his advanced age). Best to pull the plug on that failed despot who only managed to corrupt and brainwash half the nation.

The Fat Lady (who represents Excess) is about to sing for Umno. Promise you she'll be packed off right AFTER she's done the job ;-)

Jarod said...

hahaha! Can you go back to your post, go to the forth picture, 2nd person person on the pic from d right. That person looks similar to the person in your Picture number 7!!!

hahaa! Man, i must say that every post you made really make the day interesting. I wanna learn more from YOU! :)

wizsurf malaysia said...

Your usual tearing apart post is as usual heavy but nevertheless we can summarise it as your outburst on utterly despicable behavior of many hypocrites enjoying their ill-gotten gains from (the ignorant and the innocent)and who are yet physically free on this earth having 6 to 7 meals a day living in opulent castles and whatnots but awaiting final divine judgement which nobody knows when coming. The saddest part is to see this entire Malaysian trajedy go on and on everyday without a quick solution in sight . As downtrodden people millenias ago have weeped in despair " where O God is the annointed Savior, why has he not come "?

The other saddest part is for intelligent ppl like yourself to look from afar , seemingly utterly powerless. So is the pen really mightier than the ringgit?

kalimullah hassan said...

The national trend, during the past 50 years, has been to do away with the common law right to resist an unlawful arrest. The right has been abrogated by judicial decree as well as legislative enactment. Elimination of the right is based on several factors, including the development of modern criminal procedure, the ability of criminal defendants to seek redress via other means, and the improvement of jail conditions. In the rush to eliminate a right perceived as against contemporary public policy, the courts have paid little attention to the original justification for the rule - that an illegal arrest is an affront to the dignity and sense of justice of the arrestee - and instead have focused on the alternatives to forcible resistance that have been developed, such as civil suits and the writ of habeas corpus. Malaysia is one of a dozen countries that still permit a person to resist an unlawful arrest. Almost all of these states are located in the South east asia. The question this geographical anomaly raises is why has the right to resist arrest survived in the South east asia region, and Malaysia in particular? This article suggests that a possible explanation may be the influence of uniquely Asian conceptions of honor and the right to use deadly force in self-defense. Historians have long acknowledged that Asian culture strongly supports the importance of personal honor and condones a "subculture of violence." This article examines the development and history of the right to resist an unlawful arrest at common law and in Malaysia, scholarly criticism of the common law rule, and the current status of the rule in Malaysia, "subculture of violence" and how that relates to cases involving resisting arrest in Malaysia. All Malaysian cases involving claims of a right to resist unlawful arrest are examined. The languages of Malaysian cases provides support for the argument that the right to resist arrest has remained entrenched in Malaysian States law, and helps to explain why some states generally and Selangor in particular have chosen to retain a common law rule which has fallen into disrepute in other regions of the country.

Starmandala said...

Jarod - Good to know you're paying attention to the little details :-)

Wizsurf - People like Gani Patail, Musa Hassan Hamid Albar have no real power except what the public has vested in them. The instant they are removed from office, they no longer command the police force - and therefore they can only feel safe & strong in a police state. Those who support an authoritarian government are the same people who choose to live in gated cities surrounded by barbed wire & protected by Gurkha guards. They have acquired a great deal of material wealth and are constantly afraid of losing it. That's why they become "rightwing" and invest in "security" - not realizing that the only real security is when you're in a wooden box buried 6 ft underground. We can't fight force with force. We do it through pricking the conscience & expanding the mass consciousness. When these fearful people's children begin to disagree with & disown their parents - the way Zaid Ibrahim has distanced himself from Umno & the ISA - the fortess mentality will spontaneously crumble. Why are we stuck with Umno/BN? Because a large number of people believe the ringgit is indeed mightier than the pen. If you subscribe to the belief that nothing's gonna change, then you're merely opting to be part of the problem rather the solution!

Fake Kali - what are you rambling on about really?