Thursday, January 15, 2009


Prayers for the Release of all ISA Detainees

at Subramaniam Temple, Kerling, Selangor
10 January 2009

Music courtesy of INNER SPACE
Shot & Edited by ANTARES



Rajan said...

Simple gathering but with great significance to all of us in Malaysia - race and religion aside. Thanks Antaras for your wonderful thought.

Pat said...

This was so beautiful, Antares. What a lovely way to wake up this morning. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Antares! Great videography. Loved the focus on the Jasmine in her hair. Who is the Indian gentleman with the mike? I picked up some of the words he used to the kids,'love', 'compassion','practice these daily, to everyone'. Would have been there that Sunday but was under orders, y'know ;)

Starmandala said...

Rajan - Glad you stopped by & viewed this video. Took longer to edit than I expected because I suddenly saw how beautiful all those people's faces were and wanted the whole thing to be a visual (& aural) tribute to compassion, optimism, trust & love. I'm indebted to Inner Space for the beautiful music they created 3 or 4 years ago. Members of the group have recently formed a new group called AkashA. They mostly teach music at the Temple of Fine Arts.

Pat - Thank you, dear :-)

Candlenut - Don't know who the temple elder was but he had very nice vibes. Imagine these are the people I sometimes bump into on the streets of KKB!

Lisa Lee said...

Hmmm... In the pain and suffering of the people, true beauty is exposed.

I once saw a horror movie in which this guy tortured people and said that the look on their faces were beautiful.

Perhaps its in the torture and suffering that true expression is exposed and no masks are on, when suffering is present.

Perhaps that why the expressions on their faces were touching...reference to your video

Do you have videos on the beautiful river which is your home? Love to see that too :)

Starmandala said...

Lisa - Hope you aren't another victim of a Catholic upbringing like Mel Gibson! These people are holding a prayer ceremony on behalf of all those still locked up in Kamunting without the opportunity to defend themselves against the home minister's accusations of "wrongdoing." It's the most gentle, compassionate, non-violent, non-confrontational way of expressing their sorrow that the BN government continues to rule through fear using evil laws like the ISA that are totally out of resonance with a civilized society.
I think these faces would still be beautiful when they have no more reason to express their suffering :-)

Here's a 3-minute music video that shows a bit of the sweet activity around Magick River. Why don't you come visit? :-)