Saturday, January 17, 2009





[Photos courtesy of Malaysiakini]


Lisa Lee said...

Yay!!! OMG!!! They won!!! :)

Fair said...

Hip hip hooray !
We are more certain now that People Alliance will take over the central government latest by 13th GE.

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

BN Necromancy [Phantom Voters] has been thoroughly exorcised by the holy power of a Full Moon. Imagine, 6k police personnel as stand-ins and 1k postal votes and they still lost. Millions spent canvassing for votes and all for naught by the Necromancers in state.

When will BN get the message that they are not wanted for their corruption, waste and abuse of the land?

Starmandala said...

A small celebration is in order, folks. The Ox Year hasn't even begun but let's envisage the will of the rakyat getting stronger by the hour! :-)

Tiara said...

Islamic fundamentalism FTW?

Honestly. I don't get the PAS love. Just because they're Opposition? Their misogynistic and anti-non-Muslim streak is nothing to be proud of. Hell, all parties suck. guh.

Let's not cheer for the Opposition just because they're the Opposition. Let's make sure they're accountable for what they do.

Starmandala said...

Tiara - You come across like someone from a rich household who's been pretty much insulated from what's really going on in this country. Most folks who get their news & predigested opinions on politics from the mainstream media (& that includes CNN, FoxNews, BBC, IHT, WSJ, Time, etc) have been subtly manipulated into accepting as truth all the negative publicity about PAS & other "Islamist" groups (some of which, like Al Qaeda & the Taliban, are actually sub-divisions of the CIA & are sponsored by the NWO Cabal via the Saudi Royal Family). Personally, I don't endorse any pre-packaged belief system you can buy into without investing at least 20 years of deep contemplation into it. However, most PAS members are humble, decent folk who are repelled by the consumerist excesses of materialistic secularism & therefore opt for what they believe to be a spiritual alternative. Unfortunately, they don't know the whole story behind this fella named Abraham - which is rather complex so I won't delve into it here - & have unwittingly imported a lot of the parochial & tribal nonsense that has infected all the Book Religions (Judaeo-Christian fanaticism is every bit as stinky as the Islamic variety, I assure you).

In Malaysia, we're in the midst of a major war against the deeply entrenched corruption & hypocrisy of the BN. Anybody who is against corruption & hypocrisy is automatically an ally. After we've won the war & taken over, the first thing we must do is abolish all repressive laws that stifle open debate & discussion, so that people with different worldviews can begin to understand where each group is coming from & hopefully agree to disagree on some issues. That's a lot healthier & more constructive than sweeping these tensions under the carpet for generations - the way BN has done because they believe in divide-&-rule politics.

Even within your own family, you might find yourself completely at odds with your father, mother, or siblings on certain matters, e.g., whether or not it's cool to smoke pot, pop E's & shag your boyfriend. Because you love your family, you eventually agree to disagree. In the same way, once we shift to anew reality where people are encouraged to openly express their feelings of camaraderie & kinship with others, it becomes much easier to talk about our different beliefs & perceptions & consciously work towards universal convergence. This won't happen under a BN administration.

Even if I don't subscribe to any institutionalized religion, that doesn't stop me from feeling a sense of kinship with noble individuals like Tok Guru Nik Aziz & many of the younger PAS leaders - some of whom are extremely intelligent, open-minded & well-versed in philosophical discourse. Don't buy into the stereotype of the towel-headed "Islamofascist" suicide-bomber the Zionist media has manufactured for mass consumption!

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

My question is, how many landslides, collapsed buildings, robber barons secreting away public funds, assassinated foreign nationals and racist dagger waving lunatics is it going to take for people to decide that BN just has to go?

Anyone who sees me as more valuable dead as a phantom voter than a living. contributing member of society I'd call Necromancers of the worst possible order. Or is it Necrophiliacs since it is just one more way to screw the dead.

Whether or not PAS and their ideology is acceptable is secondary to their willingness to correct themselves when told something does not work. In the last 25 years of "progressive" BN rule the mechanisms of self correction have been forcibly excised from the running of government.

There is an effectively buggered education system with the constant "Flavour of the Year" change, a crippled and corrupt civil service and finally legions of police and military personnel more interested in serving a political agenda than defending the cities and borders from rapists, murderous pedophiles and illegal immigrants.

I say change this. Otherwise keep bending over and taking it up the ass so that it's business as usual.

Tiara said...

I wouldn't say I've been sheltered from what's going on in the country. Being a "dirty Bangla" in Malaysia pretty much exposes you to the worst of the country. I've heard Islamic teachers (who support either party) treat my people as useless beings. No party ever considers us as Malaysian. We're nothing.

But so far, none of the political parties have impressed me. Just take a look at Amir Muhammad's collection of Politicians Say The Darndest Things. Misogyny, racism, stupidity on both sides.

Is either party going to actually work on integration and opening up the definition of "Malaysian" as more than just Malay, Chinese, Indian?
Will either party be ok with my heretic apostate Pagan-loving self? I have a feeling PAS ain't gonna be too happy with my Muslim-only-on-IC status; BN sure isn't.
Will either party actually grant me, born/raised/educated in Malaysia, a passport for once?

So far, no one's ever shown much reason to exist beyond "the other party sucks." You can only run on such reasoning for so long. After a while you have to run on your own benefits.

Starmandala said...

Gerald - It's time you started your own blog, you've gathered enough to steam to sail across the Pacific & invade Peru! Great to see you expressing your power through the medium of words.

Tiara - Thanks for coming back here to dialogue a bit more. Okay, I get where you're coming from a bit better now you've clarified your personal context a wee bit. You're correct in saying a lot of Malaysians are prejudiced against Banglas. First, the country is perceived as "poor"; second, they're mostly dark-skinned; third,
many young Banglas forced to do menial work for shit wages here are actually degree holders & quietly resent their rotten lot (which makes their energy fields appear less than friendly unless one takes the time to uninstall the psychic shields). Malaysians-on-the-street have yet to be introduced to Rabindranath Tagore, the greatest philosopher-poet Bangladesh has produced. So I can perfectly understandwhy you're pissed off with the ugly side of the Malaysian psyche - well, we have only Umno to thank for deliberately widening the rift between the races here with their screams of Ketuanan Melayu & their keris-kissing antics.

The uninstalling of hardwired prejudice & countersurvival belief systems is actually quite an easy process - which anyone can do quietly in the privacy of their own minds, just as YOU appear to have done, Tiara. We don't have to wait for Anwar Ibrahim or Elizabeth Wong or the Son of the Son of Lim Kit Siang to do that for us! These professional politicians serve mainly one purpose - in a species that has been programmed for millennia to FOLLOW LEADERS, lots of panic would ensue if all the leaders suddenly DISAPPEARED (as they eventually will :-)... so in the interim we have to install compassionate & enlightened humans as leaders, if only to create the opportunity for a spontaneous mass awakening that will propel humanity a few notches up the spiral stairway of consciousness.