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When Erich von Däniken published his controversial Chariots of the Gods? in the early 1970s, many dismissed him as a sensationalist crank. Von Däniken’s chief contention was that the Earth had been visited and colonized by extraterrestrial races who had long mastered interstellar travel. Unfortunately, von Däniken’s fondness for exclamation points and his literary inelegance detracted from his otherwise well-documented theses. He had poured a large part of his personal fortune, and many years of field research, into his obsession with mysterious and colossal artefacts that abound all over the planet - from the Pyramids of Giza and Central America to the gigantic geoglyphs of Nazca, and the megalithic monuments of Rapa Nui.

Von Däniken may have achieved instant international notoriety with his hard-hitting best-sellers, but he was certainly not the first to delve into this taboo area of paleoanthropological and exobiological conjecture.

Indeed, as early as 1953, Desmond Leslie had co-authored a book with George Adamski (right) who claimed to have had personal contact with space visitors. Their book, Flying Saucers Have Landed, was reissued as a paperback in 1970 and became a cult classic among ufologists, along with the writings of George Hunt Williamson (Secret Places of the Lion, Road in the Sky) who forged a potent link between ETs and esoteric lore. Another important early work on the subject was The Sky People by Brinsley Le Poer Trench (published by Neville Spearman in 1963).

Worldwide interest in UFO phenomena spread at lightspeed. The noted psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung commented on the archetypal significance of UFOs in his journals. Award-winning novelist Doris Lessing incorporated the ET question into her Canopus in Argos trilogy in the late 1970s, written from the perspective of a Sirian colonial agent. Along came Uri Geller, the Israeli spoon-bender, whose collaboration with Dr Andrija Puharich resulted in a series of astonishing books revealing the presence of interstellar entities proactively involved with earthly affairs.

Despite the best efforts of academic status quoists and business-as-usual lobbyists, the Little Green Men From Mars refused to leave the limelight. In 1994, respected Harvard psychiatrist John E. Mack (left) published his findings in a level-headed book called Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens – investigations into some 200 cases of alien abduction. Mack was prepared to stake his professional reputation on his personal conclusion - the abductees were reporting true experiences; and there is a great deal more to mundane reality than meets the eye.

What evidence, if any, can we find that might ground these notions in the realm of common sense and reason? How about written records, engraved on clay tablets in cuneiform script, some 6,000 years old?

Zecharia Sitchin (right) spent more than three decades studying the Sumerian clay tablets and soaking up Mesopotamian lore. Sitchin has the unique advantage of being a multilinguist with a handful of dead languages at his command. His laborious Mesopotamian research was published in a series called The Earth Chronicles, beginning with The Twelfth Planet in 1976.

Sitchin’s interpretation of the Sumerian records boldly crosses the boundary between history and science fiction. The stories engraved in ancient clay spoke of Sky Gods who established a colony on Earth to prospect for precious metals, particularly gold. Described as “the ones that descended from heaven” (Anunnaki in Sumerian and Nefilim in Hebrew), these creator gods claimed to be sons and daughters of ANU, the King of Heaven. According to the Sumerian chronicles, the Sky Gods’ first terrestrial encampment was called E.RIDU – meaning “cultivated place away from home” – and the word subsequently went through various permutations as Aratha or Ereds in Aramaic, Eretz in Hebrew, Erde in German (Erda in Old High German), Jördh in Icelandic, Jord in Danish, Airtha in Gothic, Erthe in Middle English, and Earth in modern English.

The first wave of Anunnaki settlers were under the command of ANU’s firstborn, the Lord E.A (whose mother was of a serpent race that had earlier arrived on the planet and had now gone subterranean). Soon E.A, Lord of the Waters, became known as EN.KI – Lord of the Firm Lands – and he was an avid engineer and scientist who embarked on a thorough study of terrestrial flora and fauna. The earliest gold mines were located in AB.ZU (southeastern Africa) and as work progressed, more workers arrived to tunnel and dig. ANU then sent his second son, EN.LIL, Lord of the Winds and Regent of Heaven, to govern the growing Earth colony. After 40 Anunnaki Years (about 144,000 terrestrial years), the goldminers began to chafe at the harsh conditions on Earth and there was mutiny in the air. The incipient sibling rivalry between EN.KI and EN.LIL flared up in their differing perspectives on the problem of striking workers. EN.LIL wanted to punish the workers for insubordination, while EN.KI (who had been among them from the outset) was sympathetic to their plight and argued on their behalf.

Finally EN.KI proposed a scientific solution to this archetypal rift between labor and management: he would enlist the aid of his half-sister NIN.TI - a brilliant geneticist whose name means Lady of Life (or Lady of the Rib, because the word TI also denotes the rib) - and attempt to create a semi-intelligent slave race to perform all the menial tasks. After much trial and error, EN.KI and NIN.TI succeeded in manufacturing and cloning a modified primate which they dubbed the A.DAMA (“created from red clay”). It was smart enough to be taught the use simple tools, but not sufficiently intelligent to notice what a raw deal it was getting. The experiment succeeded to the extent that the Anunnaki workers were relieved from the arduous hazards of digging and tunneling. However, cloning these A.DAMA was a time-consuming procedure.

Consequently, EN.KI and NIN.TI decided to contribute their own genetic material and create a self-replicating new breed of A.DAMA in uterus, thereby facilitating sexual reproduction. This led to a dilution of the Anunnaki bloodlines over time, as many of the Earth-based Sky Gods became enamored of their pet slaves, which they affectionately called the LU.LU. The Book of Genesis (chapter 6, verses 1 and 2) coyly skims over this era of genetic confusion: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.”

Sitchin gives a detailed account of the Great Deluge as recorded in the Sumerian epic called Enuma Elish (literally, “When the gods walked among us”). EN.LIL was worried about the rapidly reproducing Adamic-Anunnaki strain of human and wished to obliterate this genetic aberration before it got out of control.

When the I.GI.GI (“Watchers in the Sky”) stationed in the orbiting mother ship reported to Ground Command that a major wobble in the planetary axis was expected in a matter of months, EN.LIL summoned all ranking officers to an emergency council and made them swear an oath of silence about the impending catastrophe. The Anunnaki would prepare to evacuate Earth just before the axial wobble, leaving the A.DAMA and all genetic monstrosities to perish. There could be no extermination program more elegant and efficient – as well as convenient, that is, morally acceptable to Sky Gods who preferred to keep their hands clean and their conscience clear.

Now, EN.KI had also sworn complicity to EN.LIL’s plan to cleanse the planet of genetic mutations – but he was deeply attached to the semi-sapient creature he and NIN.TI had spawned in their laboratory. Indeed, EN.KI had been secretly enhancing the A.DAMA strain to produce a small number of A.DAPA – an adaptable new breed with enough brain capacity to learn astronomy, physics, and mathematics, thereby trainable as an elite priesthood to the Sky Gods. Perhaps the term “Adept” as it occurs in magical traditions etymologically derives from “Adapa.”

Among the A.DAPA, EN.KI had a particular favorite named Ziusudra whom he summoned to his abode near the source of the Nile. Ziusudra entered the Temple of EN.KI, only to find himself alone... except for a pre-recorded message from his Lord advising him to construct a seaworthy vessel according to a specific design, gather his extended family about him, along with a digitized and compressed genetic database covering a wide spectrum of terrestrial flora and fauna (encoded and recorded in what might today be described as blueray DVD discs, but which in Sumerian were called MEs.)

The Voice of The Lord commanded that when the sky was seen to glow, it would be Ziusudra’s cue to enter the craft and batten down the hatches securely. Accompanying Ziusudra and his family would be experienced navigators with instructions to steer the craft towards Mount Ararat, where they would drop anchor and wait for the turbulent seas to subside.

The same legend is found in Babylonian mythology - specifically in the Epic of Gilgamesh - though Ziusudra’s name appears therein as Utnapishtim, from whom Gilgamesh claimed direct descent. Many millennia down the line, Hebrew scribes transformed his name to Noah, in what is now known as the Old Testament.

As the Sky Gods lifted off from Earth en masse, the heavens glowed with the radiance of their spaceships. Ziusudra knew it was time to board the vessel, fully provisioned with supplies for several weeks, and await the tidal waves that would soon sweep all traces of civilization from the face of the Earth.

For forty days and forty nights, as the tale has passed down from generation to generation, there was no dry land in sight. Terrestrial flora and fauna were wiped out instantly, along with the Adamic populations – except, of course, for Ziusudra and crew, who eventually alighted from their vessel atop Al Judi peak in the vicinity of Ararat, and surveyed the horrific desolation around them.

Meanwhile, safe in their orbiting spacecraft high above the earth, the Sky Gods felt the pangs of remorse and profound sorrow at the sight of the wholesale devastation below. They had seen the terrified faces of the LU.LUs as the raging waters engulfed their homes, and heard the piercing screams of women and children as they drowned by the thousands, by the millions. They saw priests and priestesses stoically seated in prayer and meditation, calmly awaiting oblivion. But to whom were they praying; on what were they meditating? Their Makers were high and dry above them, documenting their demise for their own scientific archives, seemingly indifferent – or powerless to save them. Even so, devotion and faith registered on the serene faces of the supplicants as they clung to the disintegrating pillars of their temples, and then vanished abruptly into the murderous maw of the murky maelstrom. The disturbing memory of this cataclysm was forever etched in the minds of the observing Sky Gods.

Even EN.LIL, aloof in his divine splendor, was beginning to regret his decision to exterminate the hominid slave species. And so, when the Sky Gods returned to Earth after her magnetic field had been reinstated, and a measure of stability had been restored to the planet’s orbit, they were overjoyed and relieved to discover that a tiny remnant of humanity had actually survived. No questions were asked, although it was fairly obvious that an early warning had been leaked to Ziusudra. The sibling Lords EN.KI and EN.LIL agreed to cooperate in the task of rehabilitating earthly civilization and, in record time, cities populated by the illegitimate descendants of the Sky Gods sprang up seemingly overnight like mushrooms, and human civilizations once again began to proliferate across the continents.

The Great Deluge is a recurring theme in all mythologies. In the Malayan Peninsula, aboriginal tribes speak of how the land was repopulated after a massive flood which destroyed everyone except their divine ancestors. Similar accounts can be found in folkloric traditions from almost every indigenous culture around the globe. Paleoanthropologists speculate that this period of regeneration probably dates from around 10,800 BCE – coinciding with the end of the last glacial era, which reshaped land masses and radically altered climatic zones.

And what became of the Sky Gods – the Anunnaki or Nefilim who colonized the planet approximately 430,000 years ago? The Enuma Elish speaks of divine kings and queens whose reigns apparently endured over thousands of terrestrial years – and how their human progeny eventually were granted rulership of the lands, while the gods themselves retired into obscurity (lurking in the astral?), or perhaps they were repatriated to their home planet.

Nevertheless, the Sky Gods seem to have left us a genetic legacy of sibling rivalry, warlordism, and destructive technology – a lethal combination indeed. They also implanted religious belief systems designed to remotely control us through superstitious terror – exposing our ancestors to extreme degrees of shock and awe, while flaunting deadly weapons in perpetual cycles of warfare, using their slightly retarded progeny as cannon fodder.

Thus was the absurd notion of righteous war (call it a crusade or jihad) seeded in the human psyche – along with the insane belief that anyone dying in such a noble cause automatically attained martyrdom, and was thereby assured a place in heaven.

[Excerpt from an unpublished work titled THE (UNFINISHED) BOOK OF JOHN: Confessions of a former Christian fundamentalist by Antares, adapted from an original manuscript by John Chin. First posted 15 February 2009, reposted 21 November 2014]


The Phoenix Foundation said...

Pls check the Upanashiads,Ramayana & Mahabaratha.
Also if you can get hold of the English versions of Tamil Literature & Tradition.
The Lost Civilization of Lemuria & Kumari Kandam are very much part & parcel of the above material.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts of visits to our planet by extraterrestrail beings is immediately stopped by the realization that existing scientific knowledge precludes that possibility. If such visits could be made at all, they would have to originate outside our solar system, and interstellar journeys would require unimaginable lengths of time. Yet this established knowledge is confronted with the wealth of mankind's myths and legends which claim the exact opposite, that "gods" came from the skies. Their appearances were frequently accompanied by fire, smoke and thunderous noise; their influence on man was, mostly, beneficial. If the source of this information is the ' primitive' peoples' we call it a fable; if the origin lies in religious scriptures of the more developed civilizations, we interpret the tales in a more spiritual or even holy manner.

That this attitude is unfair and wrong is manifest in at least two respects: it disregards the sincere and honest belief of the peoples who handed down the accounts, and degrades the tales to fictional stories. At its worst, the information is dismissed as the result of hallucination, the effects of drugs, or plain invention. But this attitude is also wrong and unfair with regard to man's future development because it denies even the possibility of progress in the corresponding fields of science.

Thus we seem to be at an impasse because of an apparent conflict between science and legend. Yet the way is not totally blocked: we can make progress in this very important field of knowledge once we realize that science and engineering are two separate (although not independent) activities, each with its own area of significance. We must acknowledge the present inability of science to help formulate answers to the question of extraterrestrial visitors, while realizing that engineering and industrial technology have not been introduced to the contoversy. The participation of engineers becomes an unconditional requirement in the evaluation of configurations and phenomena implying visits from other worlds. Here it is only natural that our fledgling knowledge concerning space flight emerges as a contributor of prime significance.

My own involvement in the subject of extraterrestrial visitors began with a vehemently negative attitude. Having worked as an aeronautical engineer since 1934-first in the design and analysis of aircraft, then for the past fifteen years in the design and development of both launching vehicles and spacecraft-I was firmly entrenched in the camp of those who declare visits from outer space to be an impossibility.

It was in this frame of mind that I began to read Erich von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods? His claim that the prophet Ezekiel had encounters with spaceships prompted me to read the bibical bok of Ezekiel carefully with the intention of proving von Daniken wrong. By the time I had got to verse 7 of the very first chapter, however, I found myself interpreting a description of the landings legs of some kind of flying vehicle:

"Their legs were straight. and the soles of their feet ewere round; and they sparkled like burnished bronze."
Having designed and tested such structures myself, I could not deny that it was possible to read in this a direct, yet simple, technical description.
The contrast of that evidentaly clear passage with the quite hazy pictures sketched by the rest of the chapter made me realize that the prophet could not have known what it was he had seen, or could not have understood it. I realize the necessary consequences of this: the prophet could only describe his encounters with space vehicles and their crews in the terms available to him-with words and comparisons familiar to him and his contemporaries. So I began taking Ezekiel seriously, in an engineering sense.

Because I had to rely on translations, I used six diferent bibles, ranging in time from early in the last century to 1972, edited by Jewish, Roman Catholic, and protestant translators. Besides these, I used two highly detailed biblical commentaries.

My application of aircraft (specifically, helicopter) and spacecraft engineering principles to the reports of the prophet resulted in the penetration of Ezekiel's visual descriptions, and the replacement of these by known structural configurations. The final result is shown by the drawing at the beginning of this paper. There we see a quasi-conical main body, supported by four helicopter units, which carries the command capsule atop its rounded upper portion. We should consider that Ezekiel first saw this vehicle at a distance of about 1,000 meters; at the moment the nuclear engine fired, probably with some white clouds of condensation (because of the engine's "chilldown" phase) shooting past the craft's main body.

In these fiery, dynamic surroundings Ezekiel notices the moving rotors, see the landing legs and mechanical arms attached to the helicopter units. His first reaction is to compare the helicopters with man-like figures, but he then finds in the term 'living creatures' an expression of admirable vagueness to reflect his uncertainty. During final decent and landing, Ezekiel observes the protective covers of the helicopter's gear mechanisms, which he able to describe best by comparing them with human faces. he notices the red-hot radiator -glowing coals- (Chapter 1, verse 13)

13. "As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps: it went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning."
covering part of the lower central body; the prophet is fascinated by the wheels which, in their basic form, are the only element he recognizes and thus describes in great detail.
The visual description of the wheel has been misinterpreted in numerous paintings and texts. Yet no one has ever taken seriously the functional description which indicates that the wheels could move, in any direction, without being turned or steered. The latter has led me to develop a precise engineering interpretation, and for which a patent was granted by the United States Patent Office no. 3,789,947, Feb. 5, 1974. A particularly gratifying application of this interpretation, incidentally, would be to facilitate considerably the mobility of wheelchairs for the physically handicapped.

Ezekiel ends his technical description with comments on the command capsule and on the commander himself. The amount of detail he includes is astounding. It is significant that the prophet describes features which are of little engineering importance but which, to the eye, carry the same weight as true structual elements. The quasi-conical shape of the spacecraft's central body-ideally suited to permit its combination with the helicopters, and thus a most important feature of the vehicle-is an existing engineering product. It was developed at the Langley Research Center of NASA, and has been studied analytically and in a series of wind-tunnel tests.

After establishing the general configuration of the spaceship, I made an analytical investigation; although the configuration appeared to be structurally and functionally sound, its feasibility could be proved only if weights, dimensions, performance and other basic characteristics turned out to be within reasonable limits. The analysis was performed parametrically, that means dimensions, weights and performance were varied in steps over a wide range of possibilities. From the first crude calculation to the final detailed analysis, the results left no doubt of the vehicles feasibility: they revea; a general technology of spacecraft construction not far beyond our current, most advanced capabilities. The only element we are incapable of building is the nuclear reactor within the propulsion system. Although this would be a fission reactor, it would require a specific impulse, of at least 2,000 seconds against the about 900 seconds of today's nuclear engines. It is reasonable to assume, however, that we could have this capability within a few decades if we were to invest enough effort in its development.

The over-all result, then, is a space vehicle technically feasible beyond doubt and very well designed to suit function and purpose; its technology is in no way fantastic but, even in its extreme aspects, lies almost within our own capabilities of today. The results indicate, moreover, that Ezekiel's spacecraft operated in conjunction with a mother vessel orbiting the earth. We have no point of firm reference for an exact determination of the dimensions of the landing craft, but we can approximate these within the range I investigated analytically. The illustration at the top shows the shape and proportions. The diameter of the central body would be about 18 m, that of the rotor of a helicopter unit would be 11 m, total weight from the time of lift-off from the earth for the return flight to the mother ship would be 100,000 kg, the engine's specific impulse would be 2,080 seconds, and the craft would carry two or three passengers.

With these conclusions, I had to declare defeat; I wrote to Eric von Daniken, explaining that my attempt to refute his theory had resulted in a structural and analytical conformation of a major part of his hypothesis. Determining the form, dimensions and functional capabilities of what Ezekiel saw makes understanadable a number of passages in his text that are otherwise meaningless; it also aids considerably in separating the prophetic or visionary parts of Ezekiel's book from those concerning encounters with spaceships. (I confined my study to the latter.) Being an engineer, I am not qualified to investigate the non-engineering portions.

Thanks for your patience !

Anonymous said...

Indeed , your profound gathering of the various hypothesis make many go deeper into outer space,

Question :
1.why are all these things so mysterious and apparently conflicting ?
2. Why take so long for these aliens to come back ? are they dead ?
3. why no clear signs ? why so many wishy washy trails, if any? 4. why so many conflicting possibilities/scenarios?

conclusion :1. hypothesis too many flaws and holes 2. rejected as without sound scientific basis
3. cannot be proven in a court of law(science)

I am human

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Okay, I am seriously impressed at the thinking required to define an ancient description of a non-terrestrial object in pure engineering terms. The designer in me is certainly intrigued, though lately I've been exploring the mystic-empath direction regarding the ego level programs and psychology of the "Star Gods" later day children.

To begin with, Humanity does have a powerful gift of empathy as a result of being attuned to the massive electromagnetic field of the planet. This is a natural ability that allows man to commune and communicate with the environment. The old Gods, though blessed with their high intelligence, have either lost or had the ability crippled due to radiation damage and the long years traveling between the stars.

The gift manifests in many ways. Some people are able to perceive the energy of emotion within a visible colour spectrum. Others are sensitive enough to pick up visual cues and emotional vibrations. They are usually able to read the target's physical/emotional state as well as any program that feeds a specific behavior. Then there are the rare few who shake the world and move legions through the power of their voice and the strength of charisma.

There exist an ever rarer class of empath. When the Gods went to war with their proxies and slave soldiers, they saw the need for greater and more effective weapons to use on one another. From the stock of their human princes, priesthood and healers, they bred a being with the power to kill anything they put their thoughts to.

Mythology calls them heroes, men of unmatched strength and a vast empathic well- twisted to the task of attuning themselves to a target, divining their weakness and utterly obliterating them. With it, mere men have battled Demons, Titans, Dragons as well as the ancient horrors of the old world and prevailed. Little wonder the Deluge, rivers of blood and Fire from Heaven was used against them in the event they went out of control.

One possible reason for the retreat of the old gods is the rebellion of their creations aided by external forces. Whatever the reason, the children of the old gods found themselves elevated in their place by the masses. With it comes the psychic baggage of every form of murder possible, along with the fear of destruction as retribution for usurping the place of their creators.

Thousands of years later, this cycle of God Fearing and God Slaying has expressed itself as the clash of leaders, nations and religions. However, the horde of drones breaking out of the control program through evolutionary stress adds another dimension. Some dagger waving idiot somewhere will probably try to reinstall those controls through coercion [or a large cash handout].

Today I deal with breaking the drone horde out of the matrix and realigning the higher function administrators to the natural rhythm of the world. That's a combination of asking some hot button questions, cheap psychology and cultivating the stillness of mind required to pull the person back if they've been pushed too far. It's certainly not for the faint of heart.

With that said, the Star Gods has left a shitload of work to be done in cleaning up the mess. So wherever you are right now, please don't come back and add to it. I've a spear waiting if you do.

Knights Templar said...

Nice piece bro ... i'm a staunch follower of Däniken and Sagan ... And Rama's "Vimana" Had the capability to listen to the conversations in Ravana's "Vimana" ... Talk about technology then huh !

Shalom my Bro !

Azer Mantessa said...

Okay, this is very interesting and it’s good that you bring this up.

I’m currently re-visiting sacred science which has the relationship with stuffs like this.

Interestingly, unlike 10 years ago, too many webbies are removed.

Keep it up.

DanielC said...

Please watch

This engineer figured out how to move stone henge size blocks with simple machines.

I think children should be learning more from people like him instead of being led on long winding tracks filled with myterious cryptic knowledge and believe their history and fates to be tied to ancient aliens (I'm thinking more of the Indiana Jones version here cause I suspect, or hope,that Anteras has more subtle objectives in playing the alien ancestors card).


P.S Ancient cuneiform also had a lod of boring accounting data aside of ancient gods.

Anonymous said...

Arthur C Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

If aliens have discovered the ability to bend space they can travel around the universe pretty quickly.

To me, the idea that earth was "seeded" by aliens is more plausible than the claim that life evolved from nothing.

Starmandala said...

Jeyapalan - The older the records, the more detailed the data documenting ET intervention in terrestrial affairs. The Hindu scriptures certainly yield a great deal of corroborative info regarding the physical presence of godlike beings on this planet. However, in the last 50 years, the amount of data available is STAGGERING. Most of it doesn't make it through the filters of academia and mainstream reportage because it threatens the status quo too much.
The very foundation of all our religious and political institutions would be undermined!

Guess Who I Am - Thank you for your fascinating account of your own investigation into the UFO phenomena recorded by Ezekiel. The science behind interstellar and interdimensional travel is, for the most part, beyond our present understanding (indeed, most of us have trouble figuring out how computers and DVD recorders work!)
Nevertheless, the truth is a great deal more astounding than any fiction the human imagination can conjure. I sense the known universe as a well-populated cosmosystem with diverse lifeforms inhabiting a bewildering multiplicity of frequency zones or dimensions, some of which intersect with the reality we inhabit as humans.

Anon @ 5:16PM - You asked:

Why are all these things so mysterious and apparently conflicting?

Each one of us is mysterious and full of apparent contradictions - more so the realities we collectively manifest and inhabit!
Perception is dependent of sensory inputs. The cellphone rings but did you see the microwaves trigger the call mechanism? Are you aware of the neutrino particles that bombard our atmosphere or even the photons raining down on your head every time you step out into the sunshine?

Why take so long for these aliens to come back ? are they dead ?

You may have missed the main point of the essay, which suggests that WE are the genetic evidence of our own Makers whose DNA flows in our veins. Those with a greater concentration of Anunnaki DNA were regarded as "royal" because they were "closer to the gods." This explains the traditional worship of emperors as divine beings. Even today, the Thai King must sit higher up than everybody else in the room & the Japanese royal house still claims direct descent from the Sky Gods. In effect, the gods never left - they just became embedded within the human genome!

Why no clear signs? why so many wishy washy trails, if any? 4. why so many conflicting possibilities/scenarios?

A laboratory experiment conducted with rats demonstrated that newborn rodents raised in an enclosure decorated with only vertical lines were unable to see horizontal lines when released into a different environment. By the same token, the signs may be perfectly clear to somebody with visionary powers - but invisible to someone who has yet to develop certain faculties. Furthermore, the power structure retains its power through total control of information. Such data tends to undermine the authority of religious and political leaders. How powerful would the US president, Queen of England, or your local Mentri Besar appear next to 25-foot tall luminous & sentient
Venusians? Indeed, there has been a sytematic cover-up of ET activities on Earth since the 1940s when a MoU was signed between the Zeta-Zephelium-Drako Consortium & the Secret Government (Illuminati cabal of plutocrats & technocrats). The deal was that the Secret Government would suppress all info about the aliens' activity on Earth in exchange for access to genetic sampling (which might explain human abductions, cattle mutilations & other such weird phenomena). What actually happened was that the ruling elite fell under the influence of these renegade aliens & many of them were "bodysnatched" - their bodies & minds were taken over by the reptilian ETs who then infiltrated the corridors o earthly power disguised as senators, presidents, defense secretaries & prime ministers - best way to take over a planet!

Gerald - Thanks for the highly compressed input, glad you're on the job! :-)

Knights Templar - We've more or less gone full circle, hence the explosion of such data - & the widespread receptivity thereto.

Azer - Good to know your interests include sacred science & the mysteries.

Daniel - You're using a fake Blogger profile. Thought you were a blogger yourself! There you go again, defending the solidity & reliability of the 3D Matrix. Best of luck, bro! :-)

Drachen - Even though we may accept ET intervention in human affairs as an exopolitical reality, that still doesn't explain how life began. It's like tracing your own genealogy all the way back to First Cause, Prime Creator... but how did First Cause originate? It will always be a Mystery - otherwise we'd be doomed to mechanicality! This is where I switch to observing the phenomenon called Consciousness... Consciousness itself requires no beginning, middle or end, it simply exists.

Anonymous said...

I like this post Antares and I've researched this matter quite extensively especially so with Sitchin's work on Planet Nibiru.

I think where most of these 'We are the byproduct of an Alien race theory' proponents begin to falter is when you forward 'Biology' and 'Evolution'.

Remember we have around 90% similarity in DNA with chimps. Most of our methods of leading our lives are similar in sense that we rely on large communities in order to survive. Verbal communication and noises play a pivotal role in ensuring that the community continues to maintain its solidarity promoting the survival of the species. Both Man and Apes also rely on 'Intelligence' as a way to survive adequately.

Also consider how our body reacts to any alien cells or microbes. They will be eliminated immediately by our bodies immune system and the differences in genes will not allow for a new being to be spawned i.e. explains why if a dog has sex with a woman you won't get a hybrid Dog Boy. In the words of the late great Carl Sagan "I think the chance of a man mating with a petunia is much greater than the chance of him being able to mate, much less produce offspring, with an inhabitant of another planet"

So to suggest that alien genes spawned Man would be to suggest that the Great Apes happen to be at a greater evolutionary stage than us. Least they got as far as this themselves, we needed help from aliens!

Also a lot of these proponets rely on the Bible? The Bible?! You gotta be kidding with me. The Bible belongs to the science fiction area of any bookstore right next to the shit produced by L. Ron Hubbard and that insecure plastic surgery loving Ramtha woman.

There is no place in the 21st century for superstitious hogwash like the Bible. Good and Evil is within the hearts of Man. We can be the Dalai Lama or we can be Hitler. It's all a choice.

And these proponents always pull out the 'engineering argument' from their hat i.e. Pyramids of Giza and Sumerian Temples as having been built by Aliens. Well, when you live in a day and age where there is no television, no internet and no mobile phones like the ancients, you will be spending a lot of time working on maths, geometry, astronomy, astrology and just finding more insidious ways to enslave people and make them build you a pyramid cause you just have an irrational fear of death!

I thought your response to Drachen is interesting. What caused the First Cause? This question has gotten me bogged down for the last one year and it seems impossible to answer, at least philosophically.

For now, I do not believe in God creating the First Cause because to say that would mean that everything which came thereafter would all be within God's plan, i.e. poverty, crime, disease, wars, suffering, Najib Tun Razak, Najib Tun Razak as PM would all be within the causal link.

But this begs a further question, can Consciousness (one in which came to be after the First Cause) ever be able to comprehend what happened before it was manifested? It becomes a pointless attempt. It's like asking a child to talk about itself before it was conceived (sperm + ovum).

I think the Buddhists have a brilliant cosmological viewpoint and that is we live in a Beginningless Universe, we can try to fathom its Nature but we must never forget to revere our time here and now.

I apologise if this reply is a bit messy and went a bit too long.

Unknown said...

Antares and other commenters,


Thanks so much everyone for the fascinating discourse and the wealth of information shared here.

I have to print out everything and digest it!!


The Phoenix Foundation said...

Just check out the small responses to this post! Wow!
Somehow , I hold the belief that if we slowly but surely begin to "corelate" all of the data & info{staggering as such are}, we could very well establish a level of consciousness/awareness that could very well bring some degree of unity/bond in this world of ours that is/seems to be heading at warp speed to an amargedon!

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. I have say a few things in regards to it.

The Nephilim are the Watchers--the Igigi, & the Anunnaki are the Elohim.

The Adapa was the result of sexual intercourse between Anunnaki and and the Adamus (who was originally could not reproduce until a gentic modification was made to them).

I'd like to know where you heard that Enki was half snake race... Robert Morning Sky mentions the Sssss Queens are being early seeders of our planet and the reason we have a reptilian brains but I never saw it in the Sumerian texts.

Starmandala said...

DancingDove - Thanks for the sweet comment. Those two terms - Anunnaki & Nefilim or Nephilim - have given rise to much confusion! I distinctly recall learning that the main difference between these two terms is that "Anunnaki" is Sumerian & "Nephilim" Hebrew for "those who from heaven came to earth."

The Igigi were Nibiruan personnel assigned to the orbiting space stations who only occasionally landed on the planet.

But, of course, you may be correct.
I'm certainly not the world's foremost authority.... :-)

The reference to Enki's biological mother being of the Snake Race came from Susan Ferguson's Inanna Returns. According to Ferguson,
Anu had for diplomatic purposes accepted the hand of a princess named Id from the indigenous, subterranean Snake Race on an early visit to Earth. With her he conceived his firstborn, Ea, who later became Enki.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Antares, thanks for responding. I am not sure about Enki being of a snake race. He was born of a concubine and his features in Sumerian mythology are no different from the other Anunaki so I would say that point is pure conjecture.

I host a group on this subject where I posted your article. If you send me your email to I can send you an invitation.

There is much confusion and fear surrounding the Nephilim and I can understand why. I derived my hypothesis from the Biblical references to the Sons of God taking Earth wives which is what Marduk did first, and then the Igigi leader Shamgaz decided he wanted to take an Adapite female for himself and led the others in a plan. After the wedding of Marduk and Sarpanit they seized Adapite women by force and threatened to destroy Earth by fire if anyone tried to stop them. It was allowed. Enlil left the wedding in disgust and began to plot against Enki and Marduk.

Some say the offspring of the Igigi Earthling copulations are the Nephilim...

Here is a really good link:

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is a better link that goes into the Igigi theory which I feel is the closest to the truth:

Also, here is another little factoid I found on Wikipedia which would lead us to believe the Igigi are a different race of the Anunnaki or that they are all actually from Orion:

"In ancient Aram, the constellation was known as Nephila, Orion's descendants were known as Nephilim[7]."


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good post :)

Anonymous said...

a counterpoint to Zecharia Sitchin. Worth examining.