Sunday, October 13, 2019

Planet Earth is a Buddha Factory... (reprise)

Xandi Hoesch aka Puma Woman meditating in a Buddha factory in Krabi, Thailand (photo: Antares)

Buddhahood simply means to be awake, enlightened, derobotized and rehumanized. In other words, to be fully conscious.

Planet Earth is actually a Buddha Factory. That's why so many varieties of souls choose to incarnate here - to plunge into physical embodiment and experience the bewildering world of forms, where pain and sorrow are as likely as pleasure and joy to befall you.

Think of Earth as a giant sieve for evolving souls. We arrive as coarse lumps of condensed matter... and depart refined as conscious humans. No doubt, it often takes many, many incarnations to complete the refinement process. But what are a few lifetimes in the cosmic context of eternity?

[This beautiful image was taken sometime in 1987 when my beloved Puma Woman and I were holidaying in Krabi, Thailand. In those days, it hadn't yet exploded into a tourist town and there was only a tiny handful of guesthouses. We rented a motorbike and explored the vicinity, doing a bit of rock climbing and checking out the awesome limestone outcrops. On the outskirts of town we spotted a Buddha factory... and that's how this memorable portrait came about. I didn't notice until afterwards that Xandi had tied her hair in a topknot just like all the Buddha statues! Scanned from a fading 8R print (luckily I had it laminated or nothing would have been left after 25 years) this portrait adorned my High Hut for many years and survived a massive mudslide in October 1999.]

[First posted 22 February 2013]


marcus_cs said...


This lovely Puma Woman of yours must be very cheeky. Seeing how peaceful she was, leaves a deep, calm and peaceful feeling in my heart. Thanks for the beautiful photo.


Anonymous said...

Buddha teaching not only rehumanize but also to tell you not to come back to the world to suffer again and
esp. to see the world of sufferers when you meditate

Starmandala said...

@Marcus_CS - Glad you felt good looking at it. Everybody does!

Anonymous @ 11:08AM - Correct, but that was 3,000 years ago. Conditions have changed somewhat. I believe when enough of us attain Buddhahood this planet will be a major intergalactic tourist destination instead of "a vale of tears."

marcus_cs said...


Sorry, I mistaken you for Will. That photo makes me feel very calm to be here. 'Got anymore?'
Thanks again!


Starmandala said...

@Marcus_CS - Who's WIll? I don't mind being mistaken for Will - especially if Will happens to be Will Smith or Will Shakespeare or even Will Durant! Btw you also spelt my name incorrectly, but you won't be penalized, since yous seem like a nice fella who likes pretty women :-)

Anonymous said...


Yes, it is almost 3 thousand years ago and condition have change
due to civilization but procedure is still the same to attain
Even monks attain the magical things they can do but still is not
allow to show.
That is the rules.

marcus_cs said...

Dear Antares,

I thought the publisher of this blog is William Irwin Thompson. The name appears on the right corner of this blog. I love to read, but there are so many things to read on the net each day, so all I can do is just to scan through whatever articles that fancy me. Yes, I’ve heard of Antares and seen his photo before when one of his comments in a local blog caught my attention. Sorry brother, I’ve no idea that Magick River belongs to you.

No, I’ve no problem with pretty women. I just find your Puma Woman very cheeky to squeeze herself in-between the Buddha statues and blended in nicely with the surroundings. I happened to be looking for some photos of Buddha on that day and Bingo! I found more than what I was looking for. When I asked ‘Got anymore?’, I was actually referring to other such calming looking photos.

It’s nice to know and hear from you, Antares.

Good day!


UP41 said...

Dear Antares, Happy Year of the Dragon

Yes you may be right. According to some scripture/legend this may be the best place to become Buddha because in heaven there is no suffering and in hell , there is no chances for you to practise.

According to certain school of Buddhism, some beings after attain Nirvana choose to stay back on earth to help others to attain Nirvana.

Starmandala said...

@Marcus_CS - William Irwin Thompson is a brilliant poet-historian whose writings helped to shape my own perceptions of reality, particularly his 1974 Passages About Earth: An Exploration of the New Planetary Culture and The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light: Mythology, Sexuality and the Origins of Culture (1981). I don't mind being mistaken for Bill Thompson either! Xandi the Puma Woman came and lived with me in the mid-1980s, looking for enlightenment. I guess she found it and this photo is visual proof! :-)

@UP41 - Becoming a Buddha on planet Earth is like learning to drive in Jakarta or KL. Your driving skills are recognized throughout the known universe. Those who remain in human incarnation after attaining Buddhahood are called Bodhisattvas.
I regard Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) as the Bodhisattva of Bodhisattvas!